St Vincent is back

…in political themed album form

Good news, listened to her quite a bit lately after forgetting all about her for a bit. I think Strange Mercy is my favourite album.

There’s good news and there’s bad news.

This is great news.

This is good news

Actor > Stranger Mercy > St Vincent > Marry Me


That’s my ranking too :grinning: - unless we are counting Love this Giant?

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I never really gave that a proper listen when it came out - I really should


Loved her last record, in fact I love all her records, she’s absolutely fucking dynamite and what a great guitar player!


Absolutely cracking album! It definitely influenced her sound for the self titled album. They both sound like they are having a lot of fun. I was a bit surprised that they made ‘Who’ the lead single - there are much poppier tracks on it…

Actor > Strange Mercy > Love This Giant > St Vincent > Marry Me

Oh yeah she is ace live!

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Saw her and David Byrne live playing that record amongst other tracks, fucking amazing, didn’t stop dancing all night

So did I! Top top night! Burning Down the House, Road to Nowhere and This Must Be The Place went down a storm although I felt the audience were a bit cold when she played some of her solo numbers… I could get over their dances moves though:

I’ve seen her solo twice and both have been great especially on the Strange Mercy tour.


One of my greatest regrets was not going to that show :pensive:

I’m probably a bigger fan of st Vincent than talking heads but just love them both so much.
Was lucky enough to see st Vincent twice in sleazys way back when before she was selling out much bigger venues, in fact the first time we saw her there was only about 40 people there.
At the end of the gig my Bro and I turned to one another and just went ‘wow!’

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Very jealous of that! I just remembering her playing Sheperd’s Bush, staging dive with her guitar and solo-ing for bloody ages - real Goddess-like! Shame she’ll probably be playing huge venues this time round…

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I’m just really happy that a new record almost certainly means a tour :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’d probably go either way - she’s a great performer, gives it her all! :slight_smile:

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She really is an amazing performer and I think she improved a fair bit after the tour with David Byrne.

She is Queen Shredder.

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My pal bought me tickets for this at the Royal Concert Hall for my birthday. I started a new job in another country the week before and couldn’t get back for it. Still gutted about this, tbh.

Finally saw her on the last tour and loved it.

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you got your priorities all fucked up there :wink:

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I reckon Krang would be a difficult father in law

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