St Vincent


There’s two gigs in London/Manchester this autumn


Where’s the Glasgow gigs Annie?!?! :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Definitely interested. I love her in every sense :confused:


Depressing that she’s doing the “VIP” ticket nonsense though. Probably another £20 on top of the £32.50 tickets to get a half-decent view


One (1) premium reserved seat in the first (10) rows -OR- One (1) general admission ticket with early entry to see St. Vincent live
Individual photograph of yourself with St. Vincent’s signature guitar
Invitation to a pre-show screening of St. Vincent’s directorial debut ‘The Birthday Party’
One (1) limited edition tour poster signed by St. Vincent
Crowd free merchandise shopping
On-site concert host



Thought the gig I saw on the last tour was really flat, never took off at all. Is there a new album on the way?


Pitchfork says there’s one coming later this year (and I guess these gigs suggest that), but nothing confirmed yet





So many big gigs coming up, this is ridiculous now.

I saw her three times on that last tour, and it seemed to vary each time. Once was a bit flat but I attributed that more to the audience and me having a bad spot. She was amazing when I saw her at Pitchfork Paris.


Abc pal, shite venue


Yeah, that probably played a part. Weeknight as well if I remember rightly.


Yeah I was at that and was certainly the flattest she’s been live, every other time she’s been fucking awesome:
So I’m blaming shitey abc


Yeah I saw her at Stereo and it was pretty great, she had a lot of presence in a venue that small. Plus, easier to see her shredding skillzz


Awesome. I caught her twice in sleazys, absolutely incredible, man can she shred that guitar


I’m starting to get concerned about bands I saw and loved in Birmingham on their last tours not coming back to Birmingham?


Either way, excited by a new album. St. Vinnie can happily have all my loves.


They must have heard about Birmingham voting for Brexit


but I think I love EU, I think I’m mad




Apparently there’s a new single coming out next Friday called ‘New York’…


That was pretty straightforward. Tickets bought!