St Vincent

I simultaneously think this is completely ridiculous, and am very tempted to buy one. Hard to justify, as not sure what they hell I’d do with it other than put it in a drawer, but tempting none-the-less…

8-tracks is like music on a NES cartridge, which aesthetically is a killer format ngl

Is this a cocaine album?

In a recent Guardian interview she claimed she’d never done cocaine. My claim is that she’s telling porkies.

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Hadn’t read any of the press for this until today and had seen hints she’d dropped a complete bollock…but having read them they don’t seem that bad really? Seems like your typical outrage cycle to me where the controversy far exceeds any of the actual content of it/.

The music on the other hand :grimacing: Really hoping that the worst two songs from the album have been relased so far or it’s a real misfire.


Like to see her and Arctic Monkeys get together after their last one (although their’s was annoyingly quite good).

Also where is the excellent Toko Yasuda?

Wait is Justin Meldal-Johnsen playing bass for her now? He’s a fucking killer player

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Mark giuliana on drums too :fire:

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Ugh what a band! I don’t know who’s on keys but she slays too.

Rachel Eckroth! Also :fire: :fire:

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I like both of these now (amazing how much live performances help), but I do feel like she’s constantly moving further away from what made her interesting.

First time I’ve heard these two but really like PYWIP, very Fame Bowie. Looking forward to the record.

Looks like Andy Zaltzman on guitar

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These live performances have sold me on the tracks in a way I wasn’t before. Really looking forward to the album now.


Imagine! Annie Clark goes to tune up or something and the gap between songs is filled with political satire and convoluted cricket stats. I would absolutely go to that gig.

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I saw him at the Edinburgh fest. There’s lots of cricket chat!

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