St Vincent


I saw her play solo at ABC supporting fleet foxes which was pretty great


Saw her on the last album tour at Glastonbury, Roundhouse and then Green Man. Brilliant live performer and it didn’t become any less enchanting the second or third time despite the scripted/choreographed nature.


Would love to see her solo again. Guessing we’re gonna have to wait a while until she reigns things in though? Although having said that a solo PJ Harvey show I saw with drum machines and loops was in several places one of the loudest gigs I’ve ever seen.


Oooh the new song had somehow passed me by. I like it! Not in a omg this is a massive jam way, more in this is promising for the direction of the new album way.

Saw her 4 times on the last tour and really really enjoyed it each time, I think the songs from that self-titled came across much better live (but I did like the album a lot as well), and I’m mad for when artists put a lot of effort into the choreography and staging of live shows and it works well. She played in Manchester Cathedral I think like the day before the album came out, and it was just such an amazing gig to watch so I kind of got this expectation that the album was this amazing once in a generation masterpiece and it ended up not being that so I was little bit disappointed with it, but still good (although I’ve not listened to it in a while and I still listen to Strange Mercy and Actress every so often).

Probably going to try to catch her live on this next tour, hoping she’ll bring back the band getting out the violin and clarinet and flute for The Strangers, seeing her perform that years ago when I had no idea who she was was what got me into her, amazing stuff (Latitude festival I think it was).


Mentioned it in the podcast episodes thread, but worth repeating here.

The latest Song Exploder podcast is St Vincent talking about New York. It’s really great.


So she’s directing a film now, which is great and all I’m sure but ffs Annie just announce the new album!

New York has really grown on me, helped recently by that Song Exploder.


Finally! Album announcement and another single:

New song sounds good, not exactly a massive departure from the previous album but its got all the St Vincent hallmarks in there.


For a moment I thought the whole tracklisting would be cities/US cities


Not a Primal Scream cover alas


Keep reading the title as Masseducation. Thought she was embracing Dolly’s passion for the promotion of literacy.


I’ve still listened to barely anything off this new album. Looking forward to going in fresh (except for New York, which I listened to once)


I see that the commuters’ favourite free periodical The Metro has give this album 5 stars; if there was ever an endorsement to get me excited for an album, there it is.


Oh I was hoping Kamasi Washington’s presence on the track would be a bit more prominent than just playing a few notes over the outro…


It seems to be getting even better reviews than her previous albums, after originally being put off by Jack Antonoff’s involvement (why does she need the guy from Bleachers to co-write her stuff all of a sudden?) the new songs have all grown on me.


currently top of AOTY list:


(only after 7 reviews right enough)


So the VIP experience is £89, fucking hell!


Not really sure what to make of this …it’s definitely something though. Hopefully will make more sense in the context of the album. Reviews are getting me really excited for it!


On first listen this record is fucking excellent


Despite coming close on the past 3 albums I’m not sure she’s made a genuine back-to-back classic album yet

First impression is that this one lacks a proper banger in the vein of Actor Out of Work, Cruel or Birth in Reverse, but seems very strong overall.

Like the first track, outro for Pills is lush, Masseduction, Los Ageless and most of the back half sounds great

compared to the great verse and outro the chorus to Pills is a bit annoying on first listen. Having Happy Birthday Johnny and New York within two songs of each other kills the middle section a bit