St Vincent


Loving this, only listened twice through but think it’s better than the last one. Bold, colourful pop that has just enough ‘experimentation’ to set it apart from the crowd.

Also I think the production sounds great and don’t get everyone’s issue with Antonoff.


Oh no, track three does sound like Muse! Gutted. Will listen to the rest later. Fingers crossed. Love the opener.


Would say it sounds much more like Zoo Station off Achtung Baby than Muse (apart from those songs on the 2nd Law when Muse were doing a poor imitation of Achtung Baby, this sounds much better)

Sugarboy is fricking great. That beat and synth is pure Prince and it’s marvellous


But it does say Masseduc…


Fopp even has it labelled as Masseducation on the price stickers


Love the tracks Mass Seduction and Happy Bday Johnny after a few spins today. Think I’ll end up getting pretty into the whole album. Weird how the production is really modern and immediate but also got the kind of dirty growl of guitar through loads of it too. Her voice is great isn’t it?



Three listens in. Like a lot of it, love some of it. hate Happy Birthday Johnny.



Really struggling with this which breaks my heart a little. Awesome that she’s finally getting the credit she deserves, but it’s perhaps her weakest record.


“A genuine masterpiece: complex, funny, sexy, bleak, uplifting, inspiring and enthralling from start to finish.”

Jude Clarke on MASSEDUCTION. Read her review

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Absolutely love this after a few listens, and think it’s only going to get better. Also listened to her S/T on the way into work this morning for the first time in ages - had forgotten how consistently brilliant it is.

Anyone going to Brixton tonight?


Same. I’m going to see her tonight so hopefully she’ll play lots of older stuff.


Stage times for tonight:


The promoter posted this on FB yesterday


Got offered a ticket. But can’t go :weary::weary:
I’m sure it’ll be great, the ex tv will be there, say hello if you see her


I like this loads

Having played it over and over the last couple of days, it seems like there aren’t many songs I like the entire way through but the few I always initially feel like skipping grow and grow. Young lover especially, :heart:️️ her voice on this album.


This hasn’t quite clicked for me yet, but am only on fourth proper listen. Enjoy the poppier songs on their own but as an album it doesn’t flow like her previous two did so well. Happy Birthday Johnny and New York (still) early stand outs for me.


Did anyone go last night? Seeing her tonight in Manchester. Seen varying reports regarding their being a lot of backing track etc which I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed by.


I was there, don’t want to give too much away but there is a backing track and for several portions of the gig I found it kind of overwhelmed the live performance. I thought the concept of the show was interesting, but it was a little too stage-managed/production heavy for my taste. Still some amazing moments, but I preferred the show I saw on her previous tour.


What was the film beforehand like?