St Vincent


Great news. Really hope it’s true.

Now if only QOTSA would release an alternate version of Villians in this vein I’d be extremely happy


hopefully she does a Kendrick Lamar. woah! you can play it backwards or something.


oh fuck she was absolutely amazing. Loved every second of it


Also fucks sake, she slipped in the chorus of Heresy by NiN :heart_eyes:


this is exceptional.


The QOTSA performance? The version they did of The Way You Used To Do was arguably better. Can’t find it anywhere to post a link though


yes that was good too. just love the stripped down version of Villians. such a great melody. JH’s vocals are aces.


As with new St Vincent, I’d have loved Queens to have gone all bare bones with Villians, would’ve been much more appealing to me than what we ended up with. Agree Josh’s voice is an instrument on its own. Best thing about them these days


Josh Homme should kill Mark Ronson for making Villains sound like a soggy sock because the songs are pretty great (this is now the QOTSA thread)


Was just about to say


The stripped back versions are great, but the arrangements for Los Ageless live last week were stunning, comfortably the highlight.


IN London too @sean? Know you would have caught that


Want to add, having listened to it a fair bit more.
The bit where the blaring robotic voice switches from MASS SEDUCTION to MASS DESTRUCTION I initially found very embarrassing. Now I think it’s funny and I look forward to it every time.


It’s funny to hear that because one of my favourite aspects of New York is all the electronic touches and embellishments. It’s a great song either way and I love the lyrics, but the layers are beautiful to me. Without that it just becomes another nice, pretty solo acoustic song.


All I can hear during the chorus of Masseduction …


There’s so much to process on this album; one of my favourite things about re-listening is new things clicking each time.


hey people talking about her stage show, COP A LOAD OF THIS!


Sounds really intriguing and ambitious and I like the artistic concept - but still would have no interest in seeing it. I don’t have an authenticity issue, just find it a lot more fun and engaging when there’s different people, sounds and performances on stage to focus on.

I also think rap is better when there’s some “live” element to it too, so take that as you will.


it was live though, she was playing guitar and singing (to an extremely high degree, no less) while there staging changes and original film going on around and behind her.


Okay but the film and staging aspects don’t really interest me, at least not if I’m going to a “gig” as such. Like the National playing Sorrow for 6 hours, really interesting and I like the idea but I wouldn’t want that at a traditional gig.

Also yes sorry, she’s definitely live as are rappers when they perform - I just prefer as many different elements to be live as possible.