St Vincent


why get caught up in the idea of the “traditional gig” though when her performance and music is so good? She’s performing loads of amazing music she has composed for us and it’s her right to present it how she wants. Also, MASSEDUCTION pretty much sounds exactly how it was presented, a lot of “pre-composed, electronic” music with her playing and singing over the top of it. At best she’d have had someone pretending to be a DJ to give some sort of justice to the idea of “live music/performers” which if anything would be more distracting.

Interestingly, both times I’ve seen her live it’s been solo. The first time was supporting Grizzly Bear and it was completely different, just her sitting amongst a load of pedals and keys and her guitar being kinda earnest and shy. No one complained back then, however.

(BTW just playing devil’s advocate here, not attacking your opinion and right to it!)


STILL reading it as Masseducation


I listened to this again today. It’s really good. Happy Birthday Johnny is heavy going tho, getting into cri evritiem territory.


No problem, totally fair points. I agree it’s her right to present it how she wants to and evidently it’s made for amazing, best-of-career live shows for some fans. But it just really doesn’t interest me.

Gigs don’t need to be traditional to be successful at all, but I guess there’s some basic things I hope to get from a gig that her performance just wouldn’t satisfy in me. Like if an artsy, free form, plotless film is released and acclaimed well then that’s great! Clearly some people enjoyed it, but that’s not what I want from a cinema experience. So i acknowledge its a wholly personal issue but nonetheless.

Also her band has always played lots of synths and used electronic drums etc, so I’m sure if they’d wanted to that they could have made a very faithful version of MASSEDUCTION when played live.

As for the solo singer songwriter issue … yeah can’t explain why that feels different. I suppose if that’s how the songs are written then it makes sense, but I’m not a big fan of stripped down version of full band songs either. So if her tour was acoustic, “authentic” versions of this album I wouldn’t love it either. Both the acoustic and staged versions of the show basically wouldn’t do justice to the songs (to my ears at least).


TLDR: I wanna see some sweet drum action and I won’t be satisfied until I do.


That last sentence: they did do justice, arguably “too well”.

Out of interest did you watch any of her TV performances on this run?


Just flipped through some now. She’s clearly amazing and has all the presence in the world, but these versions don’t grab me - they all feel like they’re lacking some energy or drive. And then things like the entirely piano version of New York is too minimal and stripped back, when the synths and rhythms were a huge part of why I like it on the album.

No for me Clive.


Album keeps growing on me though so that’s something.


Fair enough! I guess a lot of it depends if you can just buy into what she is presenting over if it’s enough to eschew a live band. Personally (obviously) I think she’s engaging a performer and persona enough to work


I reckon I’d probably have been able to enjoy a live show with just Vince aided by a backing track, but I can’t imagine any scenario where I wouldn’t massively prefer a full band. No shade on her or her abilities, I just enjoy watching as much of the music being played live as reasonably possible.


Yeah and she’ll probably go back to it after, but it’s not inconsistent with her sound


Some new UK dates in August, I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that she’s going to be full band shows from ‘Spring’. Anyways, definitely going to try and get to the Edinburgh one.


Hopefully she’ll add London after APE is out of the way.


I’d happily see her with a band again. Good news there there.


It’s probably good that she’s going to full band again to shut up the nerds but I still maintain that solo show was incredible


I wish I had seen it to have my own opinion! It sounds pretty cool but not something that could have been done at festivals?


Och no it would have died a death at a festival, she needed her own stage to pull it off


Quite tempted by the Edinburgh date! I missed the solo tour but she’s been jaw droppingly good the other couple of times I’ve seen her.


In hindsight this first impression was misguided (and I’m not saying it has loads of bangers)

Might just be growing out of her music generally though. Used to properly love her stuff around the time of S/T but rarely listen to any of it anymore


New version of Slow Disco, with the addition of a slightly-slower-than-average tempo disco vibe. It’s good! I sense a deluxe version of Masseduction might be on the way.