St Vincent


Really would’ve loved to go cadogan hall but alas I am skint. Hopefully there’s a nice video or recording of it


Edinburgh show was amazing and totally worth the £40 I paid to be in like the ninth row (humblebrag)

She’s just so cool. So so cool.


I’ve got 4th row in London next week. Also cost me £40 or so.


Was pretty good I thought, although the Cambridge crowd were rooted-to-the-spot. I’d have liked a more even spread of tunes; 11 tracks from the last album is a bit much. Nice venue too.



Fast Slow Disco is incredibly good. I love it.



At last the title looks like what I keep seeing in my head.


This piano version is really nice.


Yeah. Kinda wish, not for the first time, that I lived in New York, so I could go and watch this