Stacking It


This is a thread about stacking it. When did you last stack it? Or what’s the worst you’ve ever stacked it? Or what’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed at someone stacking it? Ever seen someone famous stack it? Ever stacked it while trying really fucking hard to look cool? Ever stacked it during sex?


i’m not too sure about the gnarly term stacking it but anyway, I nearly did it the other day, I could’ve ended up with a sore and also wet hoop.


Nearly stacked it down the stairs at the station yesterday as my foot slipped on a wet step, styled it out I think


hoop as in anus?


the very thing


or just arse in general


Stacked it down some stairs at a workmate’s wedding reception last year and spilt the three drinks I was carrying all down myself, was mortified as it was in front of people I absolutely didn’t know in the slightest and it also hurt quite a lot so I was fairly unconvincing in my “HAHAHAHAHA I’M ACTUALLY FINE” protestations as I limped off.


arse as in bum?


were your cheeks parted?


Can’t remember specifically but it will have been while drunk

either when I went over the handlebars of my bicycle as a kid, smashed my glasses and got a concussion; or when I woke up at 6am in my room in halls at uni covered in blood, not sure what caused it

When Chris Cole bet someone he could leafrog a letterbox and got most of the way over and completely stacked it


While skiing, yeah

Got a really painful foot cramp then fell out of the bed


the very thing (body is too similar to what i already posted)


this whole thread is amazing but my own contribution is about stacking it


I wasn’t keeping a track of that as I was trying to keep my balance but I don’t think so.


Worst was when I stacked it on a ramp during my skateboarding days. Broke my lower right leg in two places, twisted my ankle round 90 degrees, and now I have a titanium rod in there holding everything together. Most recent was when someone rode into me on their bicycle.


Had a school friend who would always try to style it out by breaking into a jog and going “come on let’s run!”


this is one of those dis stories that sticks in my mind for some reason


Ctrl+F “banjo”

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haha excellent story, highly recco’d



Last stacked it: Probably when that chair gave way in September
Worst Stacked it: Snowboarding. Probably all of the top 5 or at least most of them will have been snowboarding, but the one where I broke two ribs and fractured my hip comes to mind
Hardest laughed: probably as a kid, try to stifle it in to an internal chuckle nowadays (actually it was probably at someone at DiS football tbh)
Someone famous: Not I can recall
Looking cool: I guess Snowboarding fits that?
During Sex: Pretty sure everyone has at some point, no?