Stag/ Hen Weekends (rolling?)

I’m embroiled in what has become a passive aggressive Whatsapp argument with the unofficial best man on my mate’s stag weekend over whether a beer bike around Prague looks like fun. My doubts are clearly nonsense because 250. I’m 36 and feel like I outgrew most of the STAG ACTIVITIES market about eight years ago.

Please use this thread to air your frustration at the psychology of LADS LADS LADS*, the difference between you and your friends from school and (hopefully) positive experiences of the above.

*LASSES LASSES LASSES or an appropriately tribal gender neutral grouping.

Blaze it


Stags always turn out to be not as bad as feared.

Still smarting somewhat about that stag that cost me just shy of £1,000 earlier this year mind.


Bloody hell. How did it cost that much?

Did a load of activities and went to Michelin starred restaurants. In the South of France. Best man’s a big arse Management Consultant so dropping that was nothing to him clearly.

Went on one of those modern non-gender specific ones earlier this year. Much nicer, tbh.


I bowed out of my best mate’s stag back in February. Anxiety over pressure to get pissed and act like a prick was just overwhelming. Thankfully, he totally understood and I think things were pretty tame. That said, there were a couple of the boyzzzz who did take things too far and act like unmitigated fucknuts.

I’m best man, along with @colinzealuk, for our elder brother’s wedding next year. His stag do will be a day at the cricket or a Portsmouth match, just the three of us.


Least favourite stag/hen do things?

  1. Someone/people trying to get the stag/hen paralytic
  2. Strip clubs
  3. Casinos

I’d feel like such a c-word on a beer bike.


All of the above, isn’t it?

I remember being in the pub a little while back for an early afternoon football game when a stag party came in. The stag was already totally smashed (at around 1pm) and had to be taken back to his hotel. What a waste of time.

HMU if you need pub recommendations for Pompey

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All of the above, obvs. Also for women: Those fucking veils and sashes etc that you see pissed women parading around in.


Trying to decide what’s worse between a strip club and a casino is a fucking tough one. Will have to ponder it. Both absolutely terrible in their own slightly distinct ways.

Outright refuse to involved with that crap

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And the fancy dress/‘big benny bollox’ stag equivalent.


Will do mate, thanks :slight_smile:

I must’ve been on well over a dozen stags now and I’ve only had to wear a personalised stag top once. Someone up there likes me (/most of my mates aren’t dicks).

Not done it yet, thank christ


I’ve been to more joint stag/hens than gender-specific ones and they’re so much more fun.

My friend’s invited me on his stag next year which is cool of him, just hoping his best man doesn’t organise anything miserable.