Stage Shows


Off the back of that dangling stage that Kanye’s currently using so everyone looks up to him, what are some memorable or elaborate stage setups you’ve witnessed in your time?

Beck on the Midnite Vultures tour sticks out for me. The heart shaped bed that fell down at the start of Debra so Beck could sing it while Rolling around on it.

Also that guitar shaped stage for the Metallica Load tour. Lots of front row to share about.


I really enjoyed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs set a few years back that had those huge eyeballs. I actually think it would be nice to hear more about how these live sets get designed. Sometimes they’re really clever in various ways and I wonder who the unsung heroes of this sort of design are, especially given how much must have to be designed to either pack down very easily for portage or be easy to recreate in a new continent to save on shipping.


I agree that would be interesting

As goddamn zany as they are, flaming lips shows are pretty great for stage tricks and lights and inflatables


Animal Collective’s stage set up for the Painting With tour is pretty cool:


I remember my mind being blown seeing the Daft Punk pyramid for the first time 10 years ago. The technology’s moved on so much that it’s sort of normal now at big dance shows, but back then it seemed like it’d been beamed down.

Really love Animal Collective’s stuff.


the current sigur ros set up is the best thing ive ever seen.


That show at Wireless is still one of the best things I’ve ever seen live. That pyramid and the lightshow was just unbelievable.


shame about the album


Ah I quite liked it! I was enjoyed it much more than Centipede but it’s definitely not as memorable as MPP and their earlier albums.


Yep, came to post this. Rockness '07 is still the best show I have ever, ever seen.

To say it seemed like it had been beamed down does not sound OTT to me, this is exactly how I felt at the time as well.


Bloody love a bit of Bomber


Pet Shop Boys’ Performance tour in 1991 was way ahead of its time…