Stained Glass

Opinions on this?

Any examples of not-shit-and-boring versions of this?

I shit you not but Dan from university’s mum ran some sort of stained glass business or at least for a while. I shall leave it at that.


First UK patent ever granted was about stained glass windows.

This fact may be so interesting that it instantly kills the thread.


Some of us like to do that kind of thing away from the mirror, pervert.

It’s been a while




We’ve got a stained glass museum in Ely.

Never been.

Why not?

various reasons

My sister (older) took a stained glass making course a few years ago. My brother-in-law (a carpenter) then incorporated some of her pieces into a coffee table for her.

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Too busy pulling no complys down the skatepark.

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Think that’s called a cathedral.

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Once wrote a song called ‘Stained Glass’ which was Juke levels of teenage lyrics.

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In the mid 00s I used to live in a bizarro bungalow near Elephant & Castle that among its many unique features featured stained glass windows throughout. You can just about see them on Streetview…

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Had a conversation about stained glass yesterday, and we were wondering when clear glass was invented and how long it took to be able to make big old sheets of it, so we googled it and learnt a lot about glass.

Honestly I feel like I’ve reached my glass-discussing quota for the week, so I won’t be taking any further part in this thread, but best of luck with it.


On some days I think I might be willing to argue for the invention of glass as being the most important moment in human history.

Bristol cathedral has got some banging stained glass, check out this lad, it’s like 14th century or something


We have a lot to be grateful for. For example, windows.

Also the “lens”