Stairway To Heaven

Has a better song ever been written?

Maybe Come On Eileen?

It’s close, I know that much





Black dog


Hairway to Steven

*points to sign* ‘You cannot play Stairway to Heaven in this guitar shop’

“I’m forbidden from playing Stairway to Heaven in this guitar shop? My goals have been thwarted!”

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[insert comedy option]

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I remember Tommy Vance on the Friday Rock Show on Radio 1 used to do a best Rock Tracks countdown annually. A bit like Peel’s Festive 50 - but different. I’d never heard Stairway To Heaven and access to music was difficult back then. No one I knew owned it and it very seldom got played on the radio probably due to its length. It would get talked about at school and older peers would bang on about it. Needless to say circa 1984 it was Number 1 on Vance’s list and he played it and I was massively underwhelmed.

About 5 years later I got into Led Zeppelin and began to like the track a lot. It’s not their best but it’s a great folk come Heavy Rock track. I listen to it about once every 2 years or so and it’s best that way, it’s a monster listened to on a good stereo system.