Stand by Me is the best song ever

Im gonna do a post where i try and write the lyrics to Stand By Me by Oasis from memory without looking them up.

Made a meal and threw it up on sunday i gotta lot of things to say, dont remember what i did on monday i gotta work and get paid so whats the matter with you sing me something new dont you know the days are gonna come and go but all i do is lose it in my miiiiiiiind. Stand by me nobody knows the way its gonna be DURN DURN DURN DUUUUURN stand by me nobody knows the way its gonna be. Im tired of talking on the phoooone stand by me


Probably showing my ignorance here, but did Ben E King ever write or record another song? Or was there just no need after “Stand By Me”?

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Could be a thread in this, you might lose some respect though…

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Absolute shambles of an attempt that.

Hotlime Bling (Drake)


Oooooh nobody knoows, the way its gonna be yeah

All around the world, gotta spread the word, tell em what you heard, you know its gonna be alright

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How many special people change how many lives are living strange where were you when we were getting high

Slowly walking down the hall faster than a cannonball where were you while we were getting high


Yes they are, in that awful episode that’s a pilot for a spin-off.

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I didn’t know it was a pilot for a spin off. What an abysmal idea!

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Really moving work

Yeah Paul Lieberstein tried to develop a spin off about Dwight’s family running the farm but that episode was very bad so they didn’t bother in the end.

The Dwight farm stuff was always rubbish. Can’t imagine anyone watching those bits and going “haha! This is great, I’m loving this!”


I like Mose.



Oh yeah, sorry. Moose.

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Moose to you too!

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