Stand (not THE Stand (by Stephen King), just A Stand, YOUR Stand)


After being mightily impressed by @meowington’s noble and unflinching stance against the new iteration of GBBO - I was wondering when did YOU last make a stand against something?

Impress me.


Work uniform!


Alright Michael Stipe


I was hoping for some Shiny Happy People in this thread but it looks like Everybody Hurts.


the staff at the nero just down the way from the bookshop have had a shitty week coz their heating system is stuck in full blast heating and they were absolutely melting. so i’ve written a Strongly Worded Email to their feedback thingy and they’d better fucking listen! bastards!


Got one of these on sale a few months ago:

This is now the cycling thread


Did you win that in the end?


I’ve not worn it yet and I never plan to.


I take stands at work quite a lot. Saying “nah I’m not doing that” etc.

Get it right the first time and it improves your working life 1000%


REFUSED to fly out of Heathrow over Stansted despite the new travel policy EXPLICITLY STATING that we’ve to use BA where possible.

(I pointed out that flying easyJet out of Stansted was much cheaper than BA out of Heathrow, even with the corporate discount)


I’m going to stand up for this comedy.


I make loads of unnecessary stands about everything, initiated an argument yesterday with a mate about whether vitamin pills are bullshit (obviously are I’m afraid).


wait as in they’re bullshit coz people should just eat better or they’re bullshit as in you mistakenly believe that they do not work/science is not real?


Unless you’re pregnant or have an actual deficiency, most people don’t need more vitamins at all - even if their diet is bad.
I literally looked this up when I went home and the nhs says as much ffs


Took a stand against doing some work that my boss asked me to that I reckon is illegal (rather, would support something my boss wanted to do that I reckon is illegal). Bit awkward, because if my boss insists then I’ve got an ethical obligation to resign, but thankfully he’s cooled off on the idea (after I grassed on him).

Work, eh.


Think the pills aren’t absorbed by the body though


oh that’s fine. like there are specific circumstances were people need iron, so should take iron fer instance


this person bought two bottles of them in the hopes of not getting a cold




Think it’s like trying to put loads of petrol into a full tank, you’d just piss it out