Stand (not THE Stand (by Stephen King), just A Stand, YOUR Stand)

Then the whole thing became about whether it was mean of me to bring this up as a racket in the first place when they hoped they’d be magical anti-cold beans, and I guess it became my hill to die on at that point.

Some people don’t like being told that something they’ve chosen to do is ill thought out. There’ll always be folk like that.

Nothing can prevent the common cold. Having a healthy diet and looking after yourself physically and mentally as best you can will give your body the best chance of not succumbing to one though. Annoying that people will argue different but hey ho.

If you could guarantee you’d never get any one illness for the rest of your life, would you pick the common cold on the basis of its frequency and annoyance, or go for a biggie like cancer or heart disease even though you may be fortunate enough to never suffer from it?

shut up about this now please

I know you’re a fan of your light-hearted imponderables, but this is a ridiculous thing to ask.

Fair enough, I’ve obviously misjudged the mood in here. @plasticniki, please delete.

no need for that - we just need more epic STANDs

I stand for nothing, therefore I fall for everything.


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Skim-read the title and though we were discussing the book :frowning:

you skim read 12 words and still got it wrong?

Oooh great, so I feel we’ve been being judged by other half’s brother and sister in law for not making our kid sit down in restaurants (they use bloody ice cream threats and all sorts which I’m not down with) and they seem to think this makes it hard for them to control their kids because they’re like ‘but SHE’S not sitting down’. Our kid is like 6 months younger than their youngest kid and when you’re only 2 that’s a quarter of your life and an awful lot of development! So after as few gins the other night, when it was brought up I piped up with

‘Yeah but he wasn’t sitting down six months ago! And tbh I don’t thinki he’s sittinbg down now because you’ve nagged and bartered with him for the last 6 months! I honestly think it’s a developmental milestone and related to language, when they can chat a bit more and understand a bit more they’re happy to stay still for longer! It’s bloody common sense!’

When we got home my TV was like, ‘I was so proud of you for standing up for us like that! You never do that and it was great!’ And then we had sex!


I glanced, ok? I glanced and my eye was drawn to THE in caps. So yeah, I got it wrong. Go on, laugh, laugh away.

cant believe how many people in that Bake Off thread like Mel and Sue

Mel’s brilliant but I don’t like Sue. Irritates me.

Cultural epoch m9, that’s all Britain is now, cake and selling tat.

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That’s what he etc

Good. I’ve brought laughter into your life :relaxed:

I too stand for the recognition of Katy Perry as a true philosopher.