Stand up comedy gigs you've been to / are going to (rolling)

I’m off to see Maria Bamford tomorrow which I’m quite excited about, and Sarah Millican next week. Also got tix for Hannah Gadsby in November I think.

Last one I went to other than open mic was also Gadsby, pre-covid.



I’m off to see Erin Couch at De Prael this evening

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Kiri Pritchard McLean in September and Sofie Hagan in October.
Can’t remember who I saw last tbh :thinking:

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Good luck x

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Stewart Lee in a few weeks.

I went to an open mic night that was attended by 5 people (including the bar man, and the person doing lights and sound). One man got up at the end dressed in a three piece suit, with a whiskey and proceeded to do 15 minutes of one liners.

Another time a fella died on his arse because no one in Belfast knew what the fuck Wu-Tang clan was (and it was riff on Wolfgang Mozart v Wu-Tang that was weak to begin with).

I’ll probably be at many more of these because to be fair 5£ for like 2 hours of local comedians is not bad, and it is at least always interesting.

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I like open mic nights but I find them frustrating because:

  • there’s always at least one annoying dickhead in the audience
  • I often feel like I have a different sense of humour to most people in the audience so I’m laughing at different bits to everyone else

They’re good fun though, think going to them helps you appreciate the craft of standup more

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yeah 100%. I find myself laughing where I know the comic wants a laugh, nearly out of politeness or encouragement as well?

Afterwards I’m always sort of hyper aware of the way the standard comedy routine works as well, like the really pro-forma ways that they construct anecdotes and pepper the whole thing through with smaller jokes. Maybe with open mic you can see the seams a bit more than a professional would allow.

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Saw Justin moorehouse and Rob Rouse on Friday.

Rouse is great fun

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Really missing a trick not billing herself The Great Gadsby probably.

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You learn a hell of a lot more from someone doing it badly than you do from someone doing it well


Was supposed to see Jen Brister and Jessica Fostekew with a friend a couple of weeks ago but it got cancelled.
Not a very helpful post. Sorry, shrewbie

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this was actually exactly the kind of post I was looking for, thanks

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This was so good. Liked her for ages but can generally only watch her stuff in small doses on telly, but it works so well live. Still buzzing from it

Support from Lara Ricote was very good too


a good stand up is just a person talking, apparently off the cuff, in an engaging way while saying funny stuff - it looks effortless

a bad stand up can be bad thanks to an almost infinite number of things that can prevent all the above from happening

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Saw Mike Wozniak’s new stand-up show last night - really funny and engaging story telling. More of a monologue than a stand-up set really but the format really worked for me.

Went to see this last night…

A relatively light exploration of self identity with a load of Jewish humour thrown in. Not bad :+1:

New venue for me and less than 20 minutes walk from home so win-win. Good space in a nice art deco building.

Saw Simon Munnery last night. Lovely stuff as ever. There are a couple of gags that he’s definitely been doing for about 20 years now, but in fairness they are such good gags that I’m happy to hear them regardless. Format was broadly a stroytelling format, where the first half about his two appearances in court and the second about general life tribulations, but it was fairly loose tbh - apparently this was his show at the fringe last year. Laugh out loud funny throughout and well worth checking out if you get the chance - he’s touring all over…