Stand-up in London

People who do stand up in London. What’s the go?

There Facebook groups or something? What are the nights to avoid?

Will be in London end of May and fancy doing a set while I’m over. Reckon it’d be quite popular as it’d be my first in the UK and I ain’t coming back anytime soon (though The Netherlands aren’t far). Even people who don’t like me would probably be curious enough to pop along and hope I bomb, I reckon.

Amongst the barrage of funny posts, I hope for at least one that is useful. @verbal where are you?

Zapsta’s the man to speak to, probably. Can you hail him on twitter?

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I do a tight 5 at the Copper Pot most months.

Surely the funny posts will be useful, if you’re fishing for free material.


Speakers’ Corner?

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The backyard bar in bethnal green seems to do a lot of stand up nights, looks alright tbf

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Please announce the venue when you’ve sorted it, I will rally up the troops to go and giggle at you.

Verbal is now @mildmanneredjanitor


See how much of his material has been lifted straight from here? Good plan.

Dunno who he / she is other than as a username here

What the fuck? I didn’t know.

Well this thread has had some use at least.


I think his mum washed his phone once or something… could be an in for you there.

i went to a stand up night at The Harrison in Kings Cross a couple of years ago, when Tony Law was playing. they ended up cancelling it cos me and my friends were the only people who had bought tickets. so maybe not there.

That is unfortunate. If Tony Law came to Brisvegas, I’d be screaming it from the rooftops.

Fun fact: Some people say I rip off Tony Law a bit.

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So did Tony Law just go “I am only prepared to be funny for a minimum of ten people” and then go and get wasted in the bar then?

I wouldn’t have cancelled. I would have gotten wrecked up though.

Oh are you a comedian, say something funny

In australia right, there’s racist spiders LOL

you can have that

i assumed it was the venue that pulled it but it could have been him i suppose. a four person audience (the other 3 of whom weren’t very familiar with him) would have been a bit awkward tbh.

he did spend the rest of the night drinking with some other people a couple of tables away. he seemed less jolly than usual when i said hi to him in the toilets but this may have been because it was in the toilets.

some other comedian supposed to be on the bill came to talk to us when he found out we were the only ticket buyers. when i mentioned i was going to the fringe that year he offered me free entry to one of his shows. had already forgotten his name by the next day though.

Paul Scholes


Do you know when it will be? I’ll be there with bells on (hope that won’t be too distracting)

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