The tv has suggested we go see some stand-up, which is an excellent idea as it’s aaaages since I last went. I don’t want to go to one of those big arena jobs (I’m a DiSer ffs :unamused:) so give me some tips on who is touring later this year and is worth seeing.

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Not sure where you’re based but Live at the Chapel (at Union Chapel) has regular reliably good lineups.

I’m reliably informed that Russell Howard actually wires you £6 if you go and see him live.


I’d want a tenner, minimum

Last standup I saw was David O’Doherty and he was really funny. I think he is on tour but I don’t know when.

Glad to help.

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comedy store does free nights once a month if you dont mind stand ups reading their jokes off some notes and then sometimes doing shit jokes

Tim Key’s very good


My absolute fave. Hasn’t toured for a while though, seems to be concentrating on “acting”

playing at knock2bag at moth club on the 22nd of Feb appaz

Aye, it’s on a bill of a few people though right? Will just be doing material I’ve seen many times before in that case, I’m waiting for a few more WiP shows but not sure where they’ll be now the Invisible Dot has gone.

Again don’t know where you’re based but Good Ship in Kilburn tend to have good people on a Monday.

Titus Bramble, for e.g


Unrelated, but has anyone here ever tried stand-up. Would like to give it a go, maybe steal some funny posts from here and read them out (in Wetherspoons) or something

I like the idea of being a stand-up but there is literally not a chance in hell that I would be able to do it with my current personality even if I was the world’s funniest person (which I’m not)


just snort some coke beforehand and you’ll be fine

But I don’t want to snort any coke :disappointed:

I’m all out of ideas then, sorry

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someone put on here stand up must have the lowest ratio of good: bad which I agree with

tend to find it quite awkward and annoying really

standup is generally shit. I used to like Bill Hicks, but he’s not actually particularly funny is he?
Upsettingly I was ambushed on christmas day when I was in a good mood, and now have to go see Jack Whitehall in a few weeks. Going to b grim

my deepest sympathies :frowning: