Standard Biscuits


  • Bourbon
  • Digestives
  • Nice
  • Custard Creme
  • Lemon Puffs
  • Rich Tea
  • Shortbread (the circular ones that aren’t really like proper shortbread)
  • Jammy Dodgers (not sure if we should allow these)

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Air Biscuits


All biscuits are pretty nice.


I’ve got a colleague who won’t go near Jammy Dodgers because he used to work in the factory that made them and he has seen Some Things.

Good. More for me.


I went for digestives even though I only really enjoy dark chocolate ones


um, hobnob? DICKHEAD


What are we voting on? Most standard or nicest of the standards?


Are chocolate digestives included under the digestive category?


Not standard.




also, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a lemon puff


bourbons are good like


Thank you for the clarification. Nice it is (to see you, to see you, nice).


I also forgot Pink Wafers.



fuck off is a lemon puff more ubiscuitous than a hobnob

also gingernuts u prick



  • Pink Wafers
  • Ginger Nuts

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I don’t make the rules mate.


this thread is a complete farce




So we’re saying choc digestives and hobnobs are out on grounds of fanciness, but Jammie Dodgers, custard cremes, bourbons and lemon puffs (you wot m9?) are fine?