Standard dating show introduction

Upbeat dance music. Shots of participant doing poses, maybe dance moves and then a closeup of them looking into the camera doing exaggerated grooming in slow mo - stroking their eyebrows and then fixing their hair.

Participant sits in a chair and says something like “alright? how we doin’?” “oh SHIT WAS THAT TOO LOUD? HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA I’M ALWAYS DEAD LOUD ME” more shots of them doing poses or something “You can take the lad out of Wigan but you can’t take the Wigan out the lad” winks “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA”


PADDY McGUINNESS: So Manches lad yer’ve got a special talent that yer gorne to shor the lair-dies eh,

MANCHES: Yes Paddy I make ambient music

PADDY McGUINNESS: Tek it awarrreee

MANCHES gets two knackered old tape machines and a bunch of pedals and plays loops for like 28 minutes

PADDY McGUINNESS: (addressing camera 2 cheekily) Reverb’s not the ornly thing wet in ere, viewers fnar fnar


Whenever I watch Naked Attraction I’m always struck by how much worse people look with their clothes on.

Alright, Ida Maria

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She’s a journalist ladies and gentleman!


Hi Cilla, I’m Emma and I’m an airtrafficconTROLLERFROMDUNEE WOOOOOOOO

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Talking yer Love Island/The Circle/First Dates kinda thing btw