Standard Friday Evening Thread Protocol

Evening all. Haven’t started one of these for a while so here we go! How are you all? Plans for the evening? General enthusiasm levels?

I’m just on the way back from Cambridge. I had to leave my bike in the bike stores at work because I locked it up without realising I’d left my keys at home and couldn’t unlock it :upside_down_face: nevertheless, it’s the weekend and my spirits are not easily dampened.

Weather is looking biblical tomorrow but that’s for another day. Happy weekend everyone :partying_face:

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Off on a long walk. Reckon I’ll get a rum can and see the canal ducks


Finished two horrible consecutive night shifts.

Films with beers tonight and I’ll get some food in (maybe something light like a Subway). An amazing night planned ahead for me.

No plans for tonight apart from Partridge. Got a plasterer coming on Sunday so having to move everything quickly out of our bedroom. So no lie in full tilt jobs round the house this weekend :neutral_face:

We’re just coming out of the other end of a good month of works on the house (plus the preparation and cleanup). I feel your pain!

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I did this without the ducks or canal. Just a rum can on a bench looking cool.

So here’s the current situation. I thought that Burrito was a great idea for dinner, and it was. There’s a place about five minutes away, so I popped down and ordered a takeaway. I got a mezcal in while I was waiting, the streets were thronging with beautiful young people and I’d convinced myself that a woman on the next table was checking me out. I’m not going to lie, I was feeling good about life…,

Then I got home, and Jimbo was in the toilet and before anything else got said I was told he had worms. What. A. Comedown.


Plugged the speakers into the telly. Didn’t used to do this as it meant having to get up and turn the knob to change the volume. But our new telly has volume control on the input. Game has changed.

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Aubergine, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, :hot_pepper: and shallot calzone. Mmm.

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:joy: Sorry m8

Evening. I’m at the pub on my 2nd pint and debating whether to eat here or wait till I’m home to order some take our…hoping the beer helps my decision making. Anyway, here is me and beer. Cheers all.


Pretty :heart_eyes:

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Thankyou! :relaxed: You’re too kind.

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As Ronan Keating once sung, life is a rollercoaster

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I’m listening to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cos of the Wilco thread the other day

Still good

Might put the oven on for pizza soon. I’m pretty buzzed NGL

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I’m still a bit traumatised about the worms. No one warned me my life was going to turn into a croenenburg film

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pretty shattered.
meeting my good lady for a drink outside. just wanna order a pizza or something and get under a duvet on the sofa.

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Uncle on the telly
Squash just now, wine in a bit

Head brought her new puppy into work and :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Had a ridiculous argument with a customer just before we shut about why we don’t fully itemise our receipts, my best line in which being “I think what this ostensibly comes down to is that you don’t trust that we’ve done it correctly because we’re the kind of people who work in a shop”, so that was fun.
Making 2 dinners (spicy steak burrito salad and spam, waffles & beans) and gonna open a beer I think.