Standard Friday Service

I’m waiting for Wor Lass to pick me up after dropping my car at the garage for an MOT and service. It’s raining in Clydebank.

I’ve got about eighty assessments to mark before Monday so will try to do all of those.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Woke up at 5 and fell back asleep, I almost never do this as it disorients me worse than anything. Lots of phd work today until midnight at least :grimacing:

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Quite mild out if you ignore the rain.

Got a cheap bag of flour cos the bag had burst but the guy rebagged it you fool. £1.20 saving.

Green tea has started making me feel ill. You can’t be allergic to green tea, can you?

Sleepy again. Get the weekend off from parenting a toddler, so that’s nice.

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What a long week, roll on 5pm.


Trying to work out what to do for lunch (bearing in mind its probably takeaway tea)

  • Freezer food
  • Chippy (which may also be a tea option)
  • Local cafe
  • Other

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Gonna go get a breakfast sandwich from somewhere


Morning kids,

Got a week off after today AND my boss is off. Let’s just say I won’t be quite as productive as sometimes today.

Do not want


Cat woke me up at 5am, but I still decided to go out for a run.

Gonna be asleep by 8pm I reckon.

OMG so stressed about deadlines. And I just realised I have 2 weeks for my assignment and that first week is half term so a total write off.

Why did I sign up for this course again?!

Kind of in between projects. My team haven’t had a chance to meet with the people they need, so I don’t have any requirements and the stuff I have built just from what I think they need people were like “yeah that’s good but we don’t need about 50% of it yet”…so I’ll just turn that bit off…
Basically what I’m saying is I could get away with doing nothing until January guys, nothing…and it’s kind of awful and great


I’ve deleted all my emails -is:starred

Hi! Have given the kids a wide variety of choices of activities today.

What do they want to do? Stay at home and play video games because I have made the terrible decision to take them away for a few days tomorrow so they won’t be able to go on the consoles or PC. 🤷

So, reading and drinking tea all day again then I guess


Day off today, TV is jealous until she learns I am using this opportunity to write up my work year end review.

Lol, channel 5 want to interview me about how poor I am.


I dont really have to do any work today, do I? C’mon, man.