Standard weeknight meals

Please give me an example of a standard week’s worth of evening meals, like so:

Mon - burritos
Tues - escalopes and veg
Weds - Pasta w/ cheese and spinach
Thursday - burgers and sweet potato fries
Friday - tofu stir fry

and please tell me how planned/regimented your meals are

  • eat the same meals every week
  • mostly the same stuff with 1/2 nights different
  • a couple standards but mostly freestyling
  • total mealtime anarchy

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The following extremely depressing things on rotation until I get a proper kitchen back:

A pasta bake, a bung-in-the-oven chicken thing with microwave rice, “leftovers”, a ready meal, some kind of jar + protein deal, something that was on offer

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The day depends who who gets back when, and what we’re doing in the evening, but it’s usually something like:

Pasta in a tomato + herb sauce
Soupy noodles
Curry + rice
Stir fry rice
Fried noodles
Bangers/pie + mash

possibly nothing or just toast most nights
but tend to have soup on a monday
veg fried up with chickpeas on tuesdays
some sort of rice dish on wednesdays
alcohol until a pizza on the weekend

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This is the thread for me!

I’ll usually order a massive curry once a week from curry in a hurry - they do all the classics with QUORN. Yes mates. That’ll do 2 nights, then a big stir fry and a big spag bol or chilli, all of which is enough for a second portion on another night. This isn’t every week but it’s a lot of them.

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i am so shit at this kind of stuff.

essentially will just buy some salad stuff, sweet potatoes and chicken at the start of the week and eat that every day. the variety will come with which nando’s sauce i use.

find that cooking for one can create lots of waste if you want variety



We don’t have specific nights for specific things but currently our meals look a bit like this -

Salmon and quinoa and veg.
Roast chicken, salad and mad jalapeno and coriander salsa thing with also a roasted chilli, tomato, red onion and garlic thing with salsa and fat naan breads.
Some sort of thing with sauce and rice.
Erm… turkey burgers with wedges and salad.
UMMM… turkey meatballs with fennel seeds, tomatoey sauce and spaghetti? Or the same meatballs but with lots of spices etc, a tomatoey sauce and cous cous full of herbs.
Maybe a spaghetti bolognese.
Maaaybe a lasagna.
Some kind of vege chilli.
Nooodlely thing with an egg on top.
A pizza.
Kale and chickpea and chorizo tomatoey soup thing.
Fish again, with something.

As you can tell things aren’t that planned. I just buy stuff with things in mind and then see how it goes.

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Combination of living alone, working away a lot and in the past having a lot of hockey training in the evenings means that my meal planning is complete anarchy. Couldn’t even tell you what a standard meal for me is. Go through phases of having the same thing 5/6 times over. End up going to Tesco every time I need to eat otherwise a lot of food gets thrown out. Could do with a partner who sorts out my meals tbh.

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Not properly regimented, but we do rotate the same meals:

lentil / chickpea / whatever veg is knocking round the fridge curry w/rice (sometimes naan)
posh supermarket pizzas
chickpea and chorizo stew
lentil bolog
pasta w/homemade pesto
pie/chicken kiev and mash
(bean) chilli w/rice
b’nut squash risotto
some sort of cous cous salad w/haloumi

Monday - stir fry
Tuesday - pizza and salad (not takeaway)
Wednesday - Pesto pasta with chorizo and veg
Thursday - Mary Berry sausage casserole with cider thing
Friday - Freestyle, usually a treat of some sort

Usually something like this, with curries / chicken kievs regularly subbed in.

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Monday: pub, fuck knows what 'er indoors eats then
Friday: pizza unless I’m going somewhere to do penoid things the next day, in which case it gets bumped to Saturday
Rest: anarchy

Tuesday is usually fajitas. Standard regular meals are Thai green curry, sausage and broccoli pasta, honey soy chicken and pak choi, cottage pie (butternut squash and cauliflower mash topping), and misc curry.

“What do you want for dinner?”
“Dunno, what have we got in?”
“Not much, I can nip out if you want though”
“No need, let’s see what we’ve got in”
*Establish that we have nothing “in” beyond the same fuckload of grains that have been sat there for months *
“I’ll nip to Bo’s and pick something up, any preference?”
“No whatever you want”

Repeat ad infinitum


Spag Bol or chilli con carne (never the same week) normally on a Monday
Chicken and mushroom stir fry
Pie, mash, broccoli and carrots
Salmon, jacket potato and peas
Fish and chips
Ravioli and garlic bread (most weeks on a gym night)
Ready meal most wednesdays when I work late.
Occasionally a home made chicken curry

Have a rotating base of maybe 9/10 meals. Normally have something like a mixture of…

spaghetti Bolognese/chilli
bangers and mash
sea bass, med veg, cous cous
veg thai curry
Mushroom leek risotto
Veg, pasta, sauce
Fish, chips, peas

Then freestyle/eat out at weekends. Sometimes get a bit extravagant with a Kiev or something in the week

The concept of having a set dish for a particular day is blowing my mind a bit.


  • less than once a week
  • once a week
  • twice a week
  • three or more times a week

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Oh and shepherds pie or lasagna. Not the same week.

someone i know has a spreadsheet with every meal planned out a good two weeks in advance

Easier to shop I’d you plan a weekly menu innit