Standard weeknight meals

I couldn’t stick to something like this, i would get so bored. I’m already bored as it is.

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Normally a rotation of

Stove top potatoes, grill and veg
Oven chips, Linda mCburger, peas
Quorn curry and rice
Quorn chilli and rice
Spag bol
Garlic mushrooms with tagliatelle/pasta
Sausage and mash
Paneer and spinach curry
Veg pie…just veg in cheese sauce with potatoes on top
Pasta bake
Brinner…as in a fry up for dinner.
Pasta pesto

i like the idea of this, i’ve tried to do it with my shopping.

problem is i never stick to it

Monday: burrito
Tuesday: burrito
Wednesday: burrito
etc etc


Instills fear in me, this. What about sporadic evening plans and stuff?

It’s not like we’ve decided Monday night MUST be stir fry night, but in the course of doing a weekly shop, planning out meals I know how to cook / will like / can be done quick enough, the same things keep coming up, and a loose routine naturally builds.

Me Ma used to take my Great Nan and Great Granddad shopping every Friday and they literally stuck to the same regimented meals every night of the week for like 60 years or some shit. She managed to get them to sub in crispy pancakes on a Wednesday once and they liked them so that just became the permanent Wednesday meal from thereon in.

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Oh yeah, jacket potato on a Monday as it cooks while I do the piano and Scout runs.

Oven on in an empty house is fine right?


Probably averages out to 1.5 a week due to me being a lazy fuck and not bothering to get something in/have Huel™ for dinner when 'er indoors goes out.

Do some work eric

this reminds me, I’ve not had a pide for a while. gonna get one this weekend i hope.

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tbf their whole life is planned out by spreadsheet. if you try to do something with them they’ll be like ‘i’m free on april 17th if that’s any good?’

what’s a pide, niki?

Really want one of these since you told me about them

Fake pizza

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Ooo… okay.

We focus on getting the boy fed and he has become quite fussy/fussier. Then my wife is quite a fussy vegetarian and I will just eat whatever/anything.
Can’t imagine spending any time meal planning if i was single and/or didn’t have kids but then I find it weird when people spend ages cooking dinner for themselves or 2 on like a Wednesday


that’s offensive to turkish people mate