Standing at a seated venue: thoughts?

Some venues have fixed seats throughout. Depending on the band playing and the audience, some people like to stand. This obviously only works if everyone is standing or everyone is sitting (per section at least). If people in front of you are standing, you can’t see unless you also stand.

What are your thoughts on this? I don’t think venues enforce one or the other unless it’s theater or something.

A coworker asked if I wanted to join her for The Mars Volta this weekend, but she was annoyed it’s a seated venue. She said “come stand awkwardly in front of chairs” with me. As a person in my mid 40s with frequent back pain, I’d actually enjoy sitting in this venue. Even for a band like TMV. Saw them in 2005 while standing so I’ve done that. But I know there’s no chance most people will be sitting at this show. Having to stand for an extended period of time is actually a big deterrent for me going to shows lately, even a bit pre-pandemic.

Anyone who buys a seated ticket and then stands, forcing people behind them to do the same should be killed


whenever they stand the gig should be interrupted by James’s SIT DOWN playing at full volume on a loop until everyone obeys


sit down and enjoy the gig unless cajoled by the band to stand and dance/watch.

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don’t mind it tbh. have fun

Depends on the gig. A lot to be said for being in the back row for this (aisle seat too if you’re gonna be going to the bar).

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Bad news for anyone behind them who has accessibility issues


good point

I work at a 100% seated music venue that gets a wide range of music acts and this is an issue that comes up a lot. A recent example was a Fleetwood Mac tribute act, whose audience was basically 50/50 people who’d travelled to the city to watch the show and enjoy the music, who were mainly seated, and locals who are there to have a drink and dance. On a good day the stalls is mainly dancers and the circle is mainly sitters so it works out ok, but sometimes both parties just get pissed off at each other. The circle is divided into sections so audience members with mobility issues often sit at the front of a section so they can see properly, or in a specially designated accessible seat or a box. That said, it’s a shame when someone in front of you is up dancing when you’re not in the mood - we often offer to move people closer to the stage or to a box if they’re unhappy with someone in front of them, we sort of try and keep everyone happy.


I have only ever been to 3 (three) seated gigs. Remained seated all throughout Joanna Newsom, stood up last night when Billy Idol played White Wedding and then also did when Natasha Hamilton did Whole Again. Only cause every one else did

The only show I’ve ever seen at this venue was Blood Orange a couple of years ago. We remained seated, as did most of the audience. A few folks were standing on occasion, toward the front of the balcony which seemed pretty selfish as you already have a good view. But that was an overall mellow show.

This basically. Fine if there’s no one behind you or everyone behind is standing, but otherwise off to the tower with you.


Just to echo the accessibility point, I was seated at the RAH for Nine Inch Nails in 2018. Everyone stood up, which wasn’t an issue for me at first, except everyone slowly pushed round to the left to get a slightly more front on view. This meant we were quite cramped in. I’m almost perfectly able bodied, but have Osgood Schlatters in one knee and if I stand still for two hours it gets quite painful. Because we were in a seating area there was less space to move than in the standing area. I tried to sit down after about an hour and the guy next to me got really annoyed for me wanting to have access to my seat. Eventually he yielded and I sat, now not able to see much as no one else was sat. I understand that if everyone else is stood, then you have to join them, but much prefer venues that enforce sitting.

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On the topic of space, seems like things have the potential to bet more dangerous with people standing and moving around when there are fixed seats involved (or even movable seats tbf). Especially at show like NIN I would imagine.

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Kinda like it when you’re at a seated/partially seated show and by the end everyone is standing up and dancing. And that can’t happen unless someone stands up in the first place. Do understand why it can be a pain in the arse if you don’t want to/can’t stand and have a massively restricted view though :thinking:

Went to see Lorde at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh earlier in the year. We were right on the edge of the circle, pretty much above the stage, and the stepping of the rows are v steep. I couldn’t stand up, gave me the heeby jeebies, felt like I was gonna fall right off and drop 30 foot onto the stage and die and ruin the show. The girl who was right in front of us stood up and danced through the whole show, only person standing up in our bit for a good 85% of the show, so I could not see. Can’t hold it against her tho, she was having a nice time dancing at a pop concert what are you gonna do?


A rule the bands themselves regularly seem to flaunt I’ve noticed. Drummers excepted


Complain to an usher


Watch This GIF

To be honest though, and bear in mind I am a peace loving guy, if someone was behaving like that or impeding the good times of someone with health issues… I might go full Undertaker putting Mankind through the cell on them.


That would have made the show memorable af tbf

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