Standing desks




Good idea, wish I had one myself.


I have one. I sit at it most of the time.


Me too, though mostly a stander.


If you put them alongside each other they become a bench of standing desks


is that the collective noun?


Available for permies only


Love 'em.

Set one up at home when my youngest was little so I could nap them in the sling whilst working.


made this exact same post before but famous editor bloke walter murch did/does it and so you get the occasional editor who insists on doing it as well and i find it quite annoying





you’re looking well


Got one in January, love it. Usually stand for about 2/3 hours a day, good for my back and somehow makes me fart less


Ahm oot


The option’s great, being forced either way seems a bit mean


Got a sitting/standing desk at home.

I’m standing right now.

Thanks for your interest.


My Dad works from home and has modified the desk in his study to be able to be used as both a standing and sitting desk using a pulley system of sorts


Probably cram more people in an office if everyone stands. Surprised they’re not standard issue in call centres.


Never used one. Never will use one. Can’t help thinking it would feel a bit like being the keyboard player in a shit 80s band.

Mrs F’s new offices have them. She tried one and she said she “felt a bit of a twat.”


the ‘king’ of standing editing?