Standing the test of time


I was thinking which restaurants were still around that were around when my parents were my age, I could only think of Harvester. What things will, wont and haven’t stood the test of time.
Example do u think Wagammas will be around in say 20 years?


Pizza Express started in the 60s or 70s didn’t it?


McDonalds obvs


the shish mahal


Burger king, McDonald’s, KFC are the ones that are still everywhere right? The McDonald’s near where my mum lived when she first came to the UK in the mid 80s is still there lol


I did not know that, they’ve had a gd run


The Harvesters near me are all being turned into Miller and Carter steakhouses. ~fancy!

Wagamama is in for the long haul I reckon. Not sure about their sister brands tho.


I used to love the Deep Pan Pizza co as a kid - they bought your pizza out in its metal dish and you got a big cake slice thing to dish the big cheezy slices onto your plate

80s me would have been bemused by noughteenies me and my preference for thin based pizza

Do they still exist anywhere?


they should group all the remaining ones into one big restaurant

ie combine harvesters


Wiltons - opened 1742
Simpson’s Tavern - opened 1757
Rules - opened 1798
Simpsons-in-the-Strand - opened 1828
The Newman Arms Pie Room - opened 1863
Kettner’s - opened 1867


There’s still a few Wimpys clinging on in the Westcountry


I’ve been to Rules - don’t think it’s changed much since it opened


In Essex as well


there is one in Telscombe cliffs (or one of the other bleak seaside villages between Brighton and Newhaven)


Cereal Killer


I hated wimpys :laughing: I remember going to one in Bristol when I visited an aunt with my mum and being so upset that we couldn’t go to McDonald’s instead



Oh how we laughed as teenage boys


These are stand alones though aren’t they?


Simpsons tavern is a ludicrous place.


why do I have a plate and a knife and fork!!!