Standup Comedy (Performers & Promoters)

Not sure if there’s enough appetite for this thread on the boards, but thought I’d give it a shot anyway.

I don’t get it


I see in The Comedy Collective that there’s some pretty big things happening at the moment. From what I can gather, one comedian made a list of promoters who they’ve had bad experiences as a female comedian, offering her contact details for anyone to have the list and for anyone to talk about who is on that list, which seemed like an incredibly brave thing to do. Then someone else made another more extensive list which was similar but with far more names in it, in Comic Sans, and from an unknown source that may have been attempting to delegitimise the original list by putting this list out.

The response in general seems to have been predictably awful, with most male comedians going on about how this should be settled in the courts and free speech and innocent until proven guilty. Most voices I’ve seen challenging these tropes have been surprisingly restrained and empathetic towards the idiots which probably shows the power balance that there is in the UK comedy scene still.

Anyone else been watching this or can provide more insightful information about it all?

That’s incredibly similar to what happened in the wrestling scene, except for the comic sans.

I’ve heard about this happening in multiple communities, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it all unroll in real-time, and it’s quite eye opening in a negative way