Star Trek: Discovery

Seems to be a few of us watching this so might as well have a thread. Spoiler tags for what episode you’re talking about pls.


FUCKING HELL. Was in a ball from the point he killed (?) the doctor onwards. So they’ve confirmed Ash being the Klingon lad anyway. Really enjoying the mirror universe shenanigans. Think they’ve really ramped everything up a notch for the rest of the season this episode.



just want to say i really fancy fash tilly. mega babe.

is clem literally a klingon whose bones they’ve made shorter? was that what all that was aboot? seems daft if so… enjoying things well enough tho.

I am looking forward to watching episode 10.

It’s directed by Jonathan Frakes and is probably my favourite episode so far. That and the time loop one.

  • omg same

  • the going theory is that he’s the fella from the start Voq who L’Rell has somehow transplanted the consciousness of into Ash’s body. fuck knows about the bone thing though

Has it come off hiatus?

ooooooohhhhhhh that guy :point_right: :nose: i might have figured that out if they hadn’t been going on about bones

yep first new episode went up on the netflixes today

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In fairness, I only heard this first from reddit and the greatest discovery podcast, but they’ve been building to it the last few episodes

I watched it having not seen any of the others and was in stitches.


Not Ricky from My So Called Life! :sob:

Do we still think Lorca is from the fash universe? It still fits logically I guess

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yeah that scene was such a gutpunch! :cry:

yeah I think so. I mean he definitely brought them there on purpose, didn’t he?

oh, another great theory I’ve seen floating around is that the emperor is going to be Georgiou!

Omg I wondered why there was no mention of them. That’d be AMAZING.

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Lorca (spoilers up to e10)

Definitely think he’s from the alternate universe. His entire crew dying and him being the sole survivor has seemed a bit weird up until now. I guess the original died with his crew and the alternate Lorca replaced him. Also explains the psychiatrist Admiral saying how much he hasn’t been the same person since, and keeping a phaser by the bed from paranoia of being killed in his sleep.

When I watched the episode where he recommended the Admiral (who was going to get him to stand down until he dealt with his mental health) should go meet the Klingons instead of Sarek, my inital thought was that he suspected it was a trap and hoped she would be killed so he could keep being Captain.

The latest episode suggests he lead a coup against the Emperor but does not mention whether it was to build a more peaceful society or a more violent one?

Did he seek out Michael in the original universe because she was his nemesis in the alternate, and he is getting kicks from having her help him with his plans?

In general, the episodes overall have been a bit up and down but I’m enjoying the overall story arc.


read that Jason Isaacs decided to use an American accent because he didn’t want to be compared to Patrick Stewart :smiley:


Fair enough, he is the best Captain.

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and @cutthelights

Thanks to much chat from genuine Trekkies, this has form: there are other times in the series where Klingons genetically altered themselves to pass as humans. I think there’s a specific episode from the original series where this happens.

So this is like ‘a thing’.

There’s also that whole aspect of why the Klingons look almost human in the original series. There’s apparently an in-canon reason for this that is explained in one of the series but I’m not sure if it relates to this at all.


Mirror and Prime reunited.


gonna have to stay with my opinion that that idea is a bit daft, when they where lads with pointy eyebrows - fair enough you can hide that, not having it with these goblins tho.

oh man I wanna know how they managed to make a lack of makeup & costuming budget into canon now. sure it makes large sense.