Star Trek: Picard

It’s started!

How good is Patrick Stewart For a Yorkshireman WHEEEYYYYY :innocent:?

I don’t quite get the mediocre reviews it has been getting. It’s the 1st episode setting up a premise what did these journalists expect. I liked it.


I had absolutely no idea this was a thing

Not that knowledgable on TNG but absolutely loved this. Pace was excellent. It felt like a good halfway between the actiony Discovery/Chris Pine Trek and the more thoughtful older stuff.


A friend of mine is the step daughter of Patrick Stewart’s brother.

They have been to stay at his country house. It has a giant portrait of him dressed as an admiral over the fireplace.

I don’t really like Star Trek so have nothing further to add.


Have seen the first 3 episodes.
It’s great. Didn’t expect the synthetic storyline at all

The Picest, ardest man in space is BACK and yeah I thought the first episode was really good up until the part where yer wan fucking died and then the rest of it I thought took a real left turn into the odd and naff. I’m sticking with it though. P Stew is a really good actor, not sure if anybody else knows about it, he’s very watchable.


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Why did that make me tear up so much?! Anyway I love watching Patrick Stewart be stately and wise when I know he’s really a stoned maniac - makes his performance all the more incredible. He hasn’t lost it one bit.


Not really on Star Trekbook but I really enjoyed this.

Patrick Stewart is just great to watch, looks gorgeous (just a really complete vision of the future), enjoying all the intrigue and hints at wider politics.

Looking forward to more.


Episode 1 done. might cancel all my plans and binge it ahwoo

he’s doing well for his age


There are some good bits when Picard is running and it’s obviously a double in the shot.


did like the bit where its all kicking off and whatsername is just like no old man, i will kick the arse, you go and hide, before the ludicrously big explosion which made me properly lol

That had to happen or it was going to be Star Trek: X Men.

They’re weekly

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since when has their been a news channel in star trek

Well shit


Can’t wait to engage with this later ahahahaha