Star Wars Episode IX speculation


Ah, you use your alternative account for that? :wink:


I think some things of that nature will be considered and somewhat answered in the next one, if not wholeheartedly.

It wouldn’t be a stretch for Kylo to be lying - he’s only a young man, full of rage and confusion. Using deception as a weapon wouldn’t be a big deal to him I sense.


Would hope Disney’s next big Star Wars idea isn’t something even less necessary that Solo tbh

(I enjoyed Solo, for what it’s worth, but the criticism that it was essentially a Wookiepedia entry was completely fair)


I hear you - hopefully this kind of specific backlash won’t scare them into green-lighting a trilogy about Rey’s parents, for instance. I’m sure the GoT dudes will have something much more epic planned.

(Same - I enjoyed a lot of it as a SW nerd, but essentially it was unnecessary. I’d like a sequel though, knowing they could introduce Jabba/Boba/more Maul, but that doesn’t seem likely now).


The best thing about Star Wars is probably this pun tbf


I think it’s a bit Harry Potter to care about Rey’s parents.


You gave it a 6/10 not long ago, that’s progress!


It fluctuates, down to a 3


It’s well Tory, like only a privileged class can have the force. Hope Jezza gets in before next December so he can block them revealing her to be part of a dynasty.


I don’t care about Snoke or Rey’s parents half as much as there not being a single reference to the Knights of Ren in TLJ. It didn’t even find a way to dismiss/resolve their narratives in a disappointing way, it just ignored them. Boo.


I reckon kylo killed them all to prove he is a badass


Maybe in terms of audience they’re looking to delight as a blockbuster, they’re focussing on the kids. Has anyone conducted focus groups asking them if the liked TLJ?


they hate it





Literally me in the cinema


I can kind of understand them wanting to know bc it was hinted at and Star Wars isn’t necessarily a brilliant forum for destroying the nature of conventional storytelling or whatever (like, I know people talk about TLJ as if it’s making a bigger point than it is). But also middle fingers to the sort of people who wank off about “plot holes” all the time


but the younglings


you clearly haven’t looked up the genre name that George Lucas invented for the cantina band


It wouldn’t work narratively for Rey to be somebody anyway. The reveal of Luke being Vader’s son worked because up until that point Luke believed himself to be the son of a good Jedi, his fate was clear he was a hero on his way to vanquishing this evil. But then he’s actually the son of an evil shit, and the evil shit he was supposed to vanquish is actually his dad. Everything now is different.

With Rey she was looking for her identity, she was sure that when she found her backstory it would give her a clear purpose, and she can stop hunting for somewhere to belong and wondering who she is. Then it turns out that there is no easy answer for her that at all, she’s on her own, who she is is her own call, she’s stuck with that uncertainty and lack of belonging. Being like “oh you’re the illegitimate daughter of Old Ben” just ends her story and turns the focus onto how this character we know had a child and made the decision to abandon them.