Star Wars Episode IX speculation


cmon, lads…


Cannot believe that I had committed that and the name of the group to memory and I can’t even remember my Dad’s birthday.


I’ve seen TFA and TLJ multiple times and I had to look up who they are

The original trilogy referenced loads of stuff that was never actually explained (in those 3 films anyway). No one cared, it just added to the fantasy mystique


I don’t think she needs to be related to a known character but do think they need to connect her history in some way. In my head here is how it goes, Rey is the daughter of some average Jedi that kylo whacked, but Kylo couldn’t bring himself to kill the youngling Rey and so hid her on (heavily hinted at in tfa imo), Kylo struggles with this, his hero Vader was able to kill children but he could not. When Rey finds out it gives her a complicated relationship with Kylo, he killed her parents but ultimately spared her (maybe add some less than noble actions on her parents part to grey it up a bit). Luke knows where she is but doesn’t want to endanger her being the last surviving force sensitive so sends that old guy with the piece of map to watch over her kenobi style. She is so powerful because the force is trying to redress the balance snoke and co threw out like the force did with anakin for palps

I’m sure we can all agree my version is much, much better


What about Macho Grande?




Surely Kylo Ren and Rey are basically the same age. Right?

The whole point of this trilogy is the tearing down of the old ways. The Force was used so widely in the Old Republic, and then 30 years BBY (going to assume everyone in here is conversant in the abbreviations) they were wiped out. It has taken that long for the force to “awaken” and no longer be limited being literally the only three people who survived Anakin and his genocide. It is now “for the masses”, hence Rey NOT being a legacy character or even related to any jedi, and the whole point about the wee Broom Boy at the end of TFA.

It is literally in the titles.

  • The Force Awakens. Literal.
  • The Last Jedi. Luke kills the religion; teaching people about balance hasn’t worked for 70 years and let the galaxy get fucked by Anakin.

Now watch JJ listen to folk like you and fuck it all right up.


No. Going just by the actors ages there is 8 years difference, and that’s what it seems like, and I believe the characters are 29 and 19.

As for the meaning of the force awakens, we’ve already established there was no plan, so unlikely a direct connection to broom boy. The title most likely refered to Rey being a new potential Jedi (and just general marketing about there being a long awaited new Star Wars).

Luke doesn’t kill the Jedi, he even has a big moment where he says ‘I will not be the last jedi’.

I’m not against tearing down the old ways, I think in the original trilogy luke is wiser than obiwan and yoda who are both a bit manipulative and committed to an old way that failed, and think one of the good aspects of the prequels is that it showed the Jedi to be quite flawed, their ascetic existence is unhealthy, and their desire to keep order in the universe basically sets up the empire.

But as for the force being for the masses, that’s a nice real world message but isn’t how it’s worked before in the Star Wars universe, the force may be for everyone but it’s always been a select few with the potential, that after a lot of training are able to use its power, now we have broom boy doing stuff that not even anakin could do. I’m no fan of the midichlorians or inherited power being the only route (think it should be more spiritual, like anyone could do it if they are enlightened), but it still should be rare and require training because otherwise it’s too different a thing that it’s been in the past.

So I think it’s fine if Rey doesn’t come from some significant bloodline, but think she needs to have some Jedi history, some provisional training which she has unknowingly be building on to survive (just the later doesn’t explain it, the Star Wars galaxy is a bleak place, if adversity is enough to trigger it then most would have it. This is the bit I don’t get about people that like the ‘nothing special’ origin, ok bloodlines are bad but is completely random a satisfactory alternative?).

Also think there does need to be a narrative connection between Rey and Kylo, there normally is between protagonist and antagonist, sure he tortured her, killed Han and a load of other people she doesn’t know that well, spared her life, but none of that seems to have enough weight for a final show down, his conflict was never with her, but the people whose side she took

JJ absolutely should listen to people like me, should hire me as a consultant to get this train wreck back on track, though I fear it’s too late


I think the plan (and I reckon there is a plan, just a very very big picture outline one with plenty of room for individual writers and directors to have their own input) would have been that Kylo Ren’s big confrontation in IX was with Leia.

No idea what will happen now.


Yeah I suppose (should use my Leia in bounty hunter garb idea), but even cutting them some slack for that, what would the plan for Rey have been, I think it needed to have weight for her too (maybe if they had killed Finn). Just goes to show the haphazard making it up as they go approach


We haven’t ‘already established there’s no plan’ though - stop beating that drum as to why you don’t like the story arc we’ve been given.

Perhaps everyone BTS wanted a storyline to widen the scope of the Force, which RJ then showed the audience via Temiri Blagg (Broom Boy). So actually the title ‘The Force Awakens’ actually makes better sense to me now because of TLJ - it doesn’t just hinge on Rey solely becoming a Jedi and replacing Luke. That would be a little boring and actually, inherently, shows RJ hadn’t just conjured up a whole feast of self-indulgence.

Rey’s parent(s) don’t need to be Jedi at all - Luke is, for all intents and purposes, the last Force sensitive person in the galaxy by the end of ROTJ, so where would these ‘newer Jedi’, starting families and passing on their powerful potential, be coming from? Oh, perhaps there are people out in the galaxy who haven’t unlocked their power, simply don’t know how to handle it because there are no teachers until Luke decides to open an Academy? Oh, but why did Luke open an Academy if he was the literally ‘the last jedi’ and no-one else had the Force within them?

Also, Broom Boy is about 12 in TLJ, Anakin was 10 in TPM so odds are future Vader was moving stuff with his mind by the same age. There is a scene in TLJ when Temiri gets whipped by the slave owner and it looks like the boy is seriously going to retaliate (until his friend, whom probably knew what he was potentially capable of, put a hand on his shoulder).

In the prequels, the Jedi were training a hell of a lot of youngsters - they were always recruiting and discovering potential new students. It wasn’t just the dozen in the Council that had access to this power.

All this has made midicholrians less of a ‘problem’ now. If we are truly objective that concept (and I didn’t like it back in 1999 I’ll admit) it makes a hell of a lot of sense rather than to have only half a dozen people in the entire galaxy able to harness a power. George Lucas must be chuckling away to himself…

‘Completely random’ opens up the galaxy to new stories and adventures - I’m fine with that. It doesn’t detract my enjoyment of the OT whatsoever.


I also believe that was the idea and have read somewhere that TFA had Han at the front, TLJ was Luke and Leia was going to be the head of IX.

She will still appear in IX (JJ has reportedly said there is enough unseen footage from TFA and TLJ for them to utilise) but, unless that footage is extremely particular, I doubt she’ll be the one to confront Kylo now, which is a little sad.


We have established that, Jonson has clearly stated the extent of the plan was:

VII: intro
VIII: training
IX: resolution

Other sources have said each director was to be given free reign.

It is 100% fact that there was no plan


No need for a plan when anything you put in your film will, at some stage in the 2,000 other Star Wars films in production, be completely undermined. None of it matters any more, everyone making the films has embraced that.


And yet, the more people dive in and talk about stuff, the more things are seemingly connected across the entire saga…

Directors can have free reign to tell any sort of story they want as long as it doesn’t go outside designated sand box. you can’t go ahead with a project like this without a plan.


I’ve never said the jedis need to have Jedi parents like it is a prerequisite , of course lots of people have potential, i do think it would be better in this particular story if her origin had some connection to what went down with kylo, and some provisional Jedi training would explain why she is seemingly on so powerful with so little training


I don’t know what to say without repeating myself, they’ve literally said there was no plan, that’s not me beating the drum of unfair criticism it’s what they’ve said. Putting in a few details (showing plans for light speed tracking in rogue 1, mentioning “fuel” in solo) seem to be the extent of their planning


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On that point, it’s noted that Rey was born on Jakku and her parents left her on the planet, so it looks like she wouldn’t of had any provisional training. The ‘Mary Sue’ club will have a field day.

Makes me wonder: if Anakin wasn’t discovered by Qui-Gon, would he have become so powerful (a la Rey) just kicking around on Tattooine?


It’s all a big conspiracy :wink: