Star Wars Episode IX speculation


That’s called ‘world building’ innit, and Marvel do it well and without causing grief. Give it another 10 years and SW will be there.


I think I’m going to watch Episode IX when it comes out and then mute whatever it’s called on Twitter forever. I should probably just mute ‘The Last Jedi’ really at this point


I’m not part of the ‘Mary Sue’ club, doesn’t mean it is good writing to have a character that is basically all powerful from the get go, faced no real challenges when over coming obstacles etc, that has never had to go through the same preparation similar characters have


I’ll read that later, but know at the time I used the way back machine to compare against tfa at similar time intervals, and found the number of reviews to be broadly consistent, you would expect it to be higher if a large proportion were faked, would be interested in how Russia managed to suppress the positive votes as well as fake the negative


I get that frustration, but we have a whole film to go yet and things may get revealed.


She’s not all powerful from the get go. What movies have you been watching?

All we’ve seen her do is resist Kylo’s attempts to get in her head, be clumsy with a lightsaber and lift a bunch of rocks. She’s not anything close to a master. She has some strong innate power, as Anakin (another random kid on a desert planet) and Luke did but by the end of TLJ she’s still only beginning to realise the potential of it.

I can see why you’d want a historical connection with Kylo but I think their kinship/attraction is more interesting.




Nah she is way more powerful, beats kylo her first time with a lightsaber, Jedi mind tricks storm troopers


She beats a tired, emotional and heavily wounded Kylo.

The Jedi mind trick is a bit of a stretch for her to suddenly learn but stormtroopers are repeatedly shown to be as dumb as particularly stupid blocks of wood throughout the series so I’ve no problem buying that.


Also remember when Luke, a kid who has never even left he goddamn planet before, managed to use the force to fly a spaceship better than all the actual spaceship pilots and blow up the Death Star without force training? Also Anakin did the same thing. Fuckin Mary Sues.

Aw shit, maybe this DOES prove she’s related to them


I’m onboard for her being able to best Kylo, but it’s a bit more of a stretch on the mind trick.




I don’t think he ‘used’ the Force to ‘fly’ the X-Wing - it is established throughout the film he’s a ‘pretty good pilot’ already (bombing womp rats in his T-16 etc).

Also, Anakin showed us he could handle a big machine at high speed during the podrace.


Can we stop arguing?

Where is Jar Jar to negotiate a complicated diplomatic peace treaty across multiple differing ideologies when you need him?


Stormtroopers are dumb in a new hope is a ploy to let them escape so they can find their base, other films they aren’t too bad


They get beaten up by teddy bears armed with sticks!


Those teddy’s captured our heroes and would have eaten them were it not for threpio, formidable warriors


I don’t get this reference


They play bongos on stormtrooper severed heads, most likely a war crime


Both of these are examples of someone being able to do things with the Force without any formal training. Qui Gon explicitly says that’s how Anakin is able to compete in pod-racing when other humans can’t.