Star Wars Episode IX speculation


With you on Anakin, Qui-Gon does indeed express that Anakin is ‘special’ because he can podrace, but he would still be able to work and pilot an unfettered podracer/starfighter without being Force sensitive.

With Luke, he was already a pilot of some note, he could handle flying machines, it was a skill he possessed. He only channeled the Force when dropping the proton torpedoes.




Covered up thread.

Russia may have got involved but just go on any Star Wars forum, see the hundreds of videos on YouTube, there is no denying an authentic negative reaction exists


In Soviet Russia force awakens you

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Oh good, over 100 replies in the Star Wars speculation thread! I wonder what interesting detail/preview has been released!



This will only encourage me





are the Knights Of Ren even a thing? It was a phrase I heard swirling around in the run up to TFA, but I’m not sure it’s even mentioned in the final cut. And what are they? Those blokes standing around in the flashback sequence? I’m about as interested in their story as I am the courtship of Mon Mothma’s great-grandparents.


Pls provide graphs showing how much force-units were exerted in each example. Pls also publish your full methodology.


A Star Wars Story


THE Star Wars Story


Just stick to the plan Obi Wan!


Like she opens that video with a snoke quote “Even you, master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test.” and they are shown in the flashback, people who invested in the force awakens a visual dictionary must feel like Rian Jonson has led them down a dark alley and then shaken them down


Reckon Luke should have been court martialled for turning off his targeting system, it paid off but what a gamble to take


Obiwan tells Luke he has taken his first step when he has that helmet on, therefore no force steps beforehand, fact



I quite like reading this Knights of Ren stuff bc it shows that the new Star Wars films are accurately close to the old ones in that people will talk about characters that I have absolutely no memory or idea of whatsoever in these films that I’ve seen loadsa times


I kind of miss when a new Star Wars thing felt special. Think back just a few years and I wouldn’t have guessed it’d be this Marvel ubiquity thing


He should’ve at least received a dressing down - such showboating at a crucial point, even Han would’ve thought twice…