Star Wars Episode IX speculation



I think my issue with completely random is it replaced inherited power with plain luck, and the later doesn’t seem anymore ‘the force is for everyone’ than the former. I don’t think force power should only be inherited, doesn’t really fit with the ascetic Jedi no family lifestyle, I think it is better if it is open to anyone, more like a spiritual enlightenment thing (not that I believe in that irl) where anyone given the right experience could develop it , and for me that’s what’s lacking with Rey, what experience gave her access, it can’t just be adversity given her experience is fairly common, just a tiny bit of backstory, some provisional Jedi training background that she unconsciously had build on to survive would have made sense of it. I don’t think she needs a Jedi background to explain her power in an inherited way, but rather in an gained exposure to/experience of way


Again I can fully see where you’re coming from there. It being something anyone can attain would be better. But I think the force being something that is forever seeking balance is interesting in itself - my own interpretation is that once Kylo turned to the dark side and Luke shut himself off from the force it looked for someone to bring the light back. Though why it seems to seek out lonely kids on desert planets I have no idea.

I’m interested to see how they explain it in episode IX anyways.


Yeah I think it’s probably a force balance thing, and suppose it was true of anakin, or even Jesus


this reminds me of my biggest irk with TFA. Have you seen the original designs for Jakku?


OoooOOOOOOooooo. What are these?


I have not - was it going to be something other than Not-Tatooine-honest-guv originally?


I didn’t but now I’m upset, that was a much better idea…


Taika Waititi


“We’re all off on this big spaceship to fight the Empire, wanna come?”


Crashed star destroyer was good though


The art book for the Force Awakens had some amazing ideas that I’m annoyed they didn’t go with. One of my beefs with the film was that everything looked like a Star Wars set in the middle of UK countryside/generic desert. Jakku was just Star Wars shit in an Earth desert with nothing to make the desert itself look alien; no twin suns, no differently coloured sky, no differently coloured sand, no alien desert plants hanging around. The cantina they go to is just in the middle of a forest with a very Earth looking lake and trees, which was annoying because where are all the patrons’ spaceships parked? It’s out in the middle of fucking nowhere as well, why would they go out of their way to go there? The Resistance base just looked exactly like a film studio bit of land, just fucking grass and tarmac. Then Luke’s little island was the same, just an Earth-ass island, well done to Rian Johnson for making it look alien in The Last Jedi.

Say what you will about the prequels, but all of the environments looked alien. Tatooine did not just look like Earth desert, the desert world in Episode II didn’t look like Earth or Tatooine. There was that big sinkhole world in Episode III, the Order 66 montage had Jedis getting wasted in all sorts of imaginative surroundings.

It’s one of the reasons I’m a bit miffed with JJ coming back for Episode 9, right after Rian Johnson made Luke’s island, and the casino planet, and the salt planet actually look alien.


Reading this thread and ‘here is no why’ came on shuffle. Pretty apt.


might ask @mods for king of gloom/forever doomed as my strap line


With you - one of the things that turns me off about TFA was that it looked like it had been filmed ‘just beyond my back garden’. The prequels, visually, are streets ahead in this matter.




I don’t understand this reply.


:smiley: sorry just thinking about TFA a whole and I got a bit grumpy about its very existence. I just think there’s a lot more wrong with it than its scenery but apologies for replying to you and confusing you!




Didn’t see it mentioned on here, but there was a rumour from someone’s friend who is working on Episode 9 (I know) that Matt Smith will be playing a young Palpatine in either flashbacks or possibly present timeline using time travel that was just introduced in Rebels.