Star Wars Episode IX speculation


Well at least he has experience playing the younger version of a decrepit old evil imperial figurehead


I can sorta believe introducing time travel as Disney might see it as a way to get the fanboys back onside and revise stuff deemed ‘bad’ from TLJ. Didn’t JJ do the same with Star Trek? Bit blurry on that.


It’s been a part of Star Trek for ages though. Can see some people getting riled at introducing it to Star Wars canon this far in (not me though, I’m all for it)


Noooo time travel nooooooo


Are they thinking that introducing it into Rebels first is a handy excuse to make it not seem totally out the blue?


If they introduce it then I think Rey ‘being nobody’ is the first thing to get rejigged.


You’re making it worse stop

(Unless it’s like the post credits scene in Deadpool 2, which would be pretty hilarious)


I can try make it worse. Two possible methods for introduction: Kylo does some next level Sith training giving him that power or the tried and tested SUPER FUCK OFF GIANT LASER that can also permanently bend time and space.


Power up the retcon beam! Set target to 1999!

Yousa right to be scared


What would be good:

Episode 9 trots along as expected, Kylo is up to some bad stuff, everyone else is chatting about stopping him. From about 45 minutes in, there are occasional glitches in the film, where a frame or two of A New Hope is cut in every couple of minutes. Gradually, a frame or two becomes a few seconds, becomes 30 seconds, becomes a few minutes, then episode 9 just completely disappears, replaced by the last half hour of A New Hope.

There is a three-day standing ovation at Cannes.


Please no time travel in star wars





I’m already concerned about Avengers 4 going down this route. I don’t need the stress of more of my stories doing that.


I’m only down with this if they release an alternate Episode IX TRUE FANS EDITION which opens with Kylo talking directly to the screen.

“Hey guys! I’ve just been back in time and look - I brought Luke back! And Darth Vader! And Bobba Fett and Han and all your favourites! And they’re here to say: hush now. It’s all going to be ok.”


My prediction; Kylo mellows out, he and Rey settle down together, have a nice baby girl. But nobody thought about that dastardly General Hux! He sneaks in and steals the baby, sends the little mite back in time to Jakku 25 years earlier. Rey is her own parents… WOAHHHH WHAT THE FUCCCCCKKKKKK.

Also be cool if the film starts with a cold open, mid-conversation with Rey saying to somebody “wow, thanks for explaining in careful detail precisely who that Snoke chap was. What a cool backstory. And now I know that there’s no reason for me to discuss it ever again.”


Post credits scene of JJ and Rian Johnson just blowing raspberries at the audience


This has already been majorly debunked because the person putting out the rumour is serially wrong.


I’m all for time travel, can’t make it any worse


Time travel really shouldn’t have a place in Star Wars imho, I’m a little sad it’s been introduced.

I just watched the scene with Ezra grabbing Ahsoka out from the past into the present - my first thoughts are it’s awful and kind of takes away from the face-off between her and Vader. Also, in terms of the cinematic Skywalker Saga, they can only really use this action in IX and if they are doing it just to bring Luke back and appease TLJ haters, then that is just kinda sad.


As officially spokesman for tlj haters I had no problem with Luke dying, it was a mercy after what he had become