Star Wars Episode IX speculation


‘anyway Dad, nice to finally catch up! Probably no need to again though. Love to mum’.

EDIT this doesn’t make any sense because I didn’t read your first paragraph for some reason. Ignore.



Kinda funny having him and Diego Luna both lead series, they look very similar


They’re being the Latino guys with similar hair but other than that they don’t look much alike, looks like they’ve got an age difference of about 20 years and all. Pascal’s gonna be all done up in Boba Fett garb and Luna’s going to have all rebel uniforms so any resemblance will be a moot point anyway. Two old British white men in A New Hope never get mixed up because one’s a Nazi and one wears old blankets.


Completely fair, that was a poor comment on my part


Imagining him giving a big speech about how he will now torture and kill a bunch of people because he. Is. The Emperor.

Re Time Travel stuff, I’m a big confused. I assumed @guntrip was mentioning it in reference to the Diego Luna TV show but @tre_cools_sticks is talking about characters from one of the cartoons, I think?

I just assume the Luna show will be a prequel to the prequel he originally starred in, TBH.



I was expressing general displeasure with the idea of it being in Star Wars.


No but I meant I couldn’t work out where the time travel was happening




Oh. Dunno. Presume Episode IX?

Just to confirm, I am generally against time travel in all media, Star Wars or not.


Oh right. Sorry maybe I need to read loads of earlier posts. Was this just a general don’t want or was there something suggesting there would be time travel in Star Wars (because yeah it’s the shittest idea ever)


There was a rumour because time travel has been established in rebels that could be laying the groundwork for 9.

Only good time travel stories: bill and teds excellent adventure, patience by dan clowes



I loved time travel in the right context, which is much wider than you’ve allowed, but it doesn’t make sense in Star Wars




Don’t mind “we’re changing history!!” stuff if it’s a bit jokey.

Anything remotely serious though? Get out, Still have nightmare flashbacks to that season of Heroes where they time travelled back to season 1 and changed that.

Lost is still the best for time travel though. Bullet proof.


I never thought that there should be time travel in Star Wars but I thought Rebels sold the hell out of it.
I was probably delighted because they used it to save Ahsoka, who is easily one of the best Star Wars characters.
Saying that, it shouldn’t be anywhere near the main films, it just won’t fit with the world they’ve built.


I love Star Wars
I love time travel as a plot device
I would hate time travel in Star Wars


Kinda funny how we’re all still talking about this given it’s all based off some lad on the internet who just made it up though eh


They actually introduced it during this last season of Rebels and, although admittedly I’ve not watched what happened in the aftermath of said scene, it just smacks of: “Hey, well Ezra did something to alter the past, so it’s fair game for things to happen in XI now!”

The whole concept will need to be done so well for me personally to buy into it, let’s see what goes down. Nothing is set in stone for ‘time travel in XI’ at this stage anyhow, could be a lot of bleating.

The Luna TV series will of course be set pre-Rogue One and, while Cassian himself will obviously be ‘bulletproof’, it’ll give scope for some new stories to be told (including some where the Empire might win some battles etc).


Think the severely discounted Star Wars merch at places like zavvi at the moment is a reflection on TLJ