Star Wars Episode IX speculation


And we’re off…


He’s mad going on Twitter


I think he’s only activated it just for this kind of thing - I followed him yesterday afternoon (upon seeing this tweet) and he had less than 600 followers, which struck me as strange for someone who courts a lot of fans/media interest. Now he currently has over 38,000 followers. I get the feeling he’s only going to use it to promote/market the film rather than engage fans etc (he’s currently following no-one).


Expect it will be entertaining but not a lot else with JJ back on board.

Needed another director to flip reverse it.


Stumbled across The Revenge of the Sith on ITV this evening, and decided to subject myself to it. Yeeeesh :grimacing: it’s even worse than I remembered it.

Also find it weird and depressing that this gem is no longer just awful scriptwriting and acting, but an eerily accurate prophecy of the BBC’s approach to “telling both sides of the story” in the 2010s


To be fair the Jedi in the prequels are evil


They’re mindblowingly incompetent, inert and come out with teeth-grinding soundbites. They’re evil if you think the Democrats are.


I’m really unsure about this Leia stuff. For one thing, she was happy for them to create a CGI version of her in Rogue One which also included a near perfect Peter Cushing. When we compare to other media where they’ve had to work around this, e.g. The Sopranos and the final Hunger Games film, it’s been necessary to use some kind of clever work to write out a character.

I guess I don’t understand their whole “we will use no CGI” like it’s somehow a noble thing for a film series like this? Unless Billie said no categorically after but, again, Rogue One would make that seem a bit of an odd thing, no?

So I’m struggling to work out how they’ll resolve her story satisfactorily with only leftover Last Jedi footage without resorting to extra. Unless they’re planning to do a Colin Baker’s Doctor’s death scene type of thing with body doubles.

(There’s also in my mind a small aspect of her having survived the big explosion at the start of Last Jedi meaning killing her off isn’t going to be as easy to write.)


I reckon they’ll go full Jim Henson and make a Leia animatronic puppet.


Dunno, they buy a child from tatooine separating him from his mother and indoctrinate him into their cult (as they do with the other child soldiers they are training), they refuse to go back to save his mother despite their clear wealth and stop him from doing so even when her life is in danger due to their religious fundamentalism. They violently quash a separatist movement. When suspect about palpatine, rather then put him on trial like Anakin says, mace windu rocks up judge jury and executioner, to assassinate a leader whose guilt had not yet been fully established


Can’t get my head around people saying this. It looked like something out of a Timesplitters cutscene.


The best way to include Leia and not have some terrible uncanny valley monstrosity would be to have her appear as a hologram projected by R2 sending some final message of hope to the resistance. IT’S LIKE POETRY. IT RHYMES.


I thought Disney had already ruled out cgi out of respect (they didn’t respect Cushing apparently)


They should just open Episode IX with Leia’s funeral or something, feels like they’re on a hiding to nothing by trying to put her in the film


But that’s uncanny valley which is where near-perfect comes in.

Two things let it down: His voice because the guy could impersonate his voice but not his delivery; and the amount of time he had which stretched the process. But if you’d only needed to use him for a minute to kill off the character or something, as they’d need to do with Leia, it would be fine.


They have, he’s responding to my comment about how I feel like it would be the only way to do it well.

Also, Cushing would have absolutely loved it. He was one of the guys in the film who was fully onboard with what they were doing and he only regretted his character’s death so he couldn’t be in the later films.


Might have objected to being in a film as bad as Rugoe One though


Also, Leia does not have to die. In fact, it would be very cool if she didn’t.


His Hammer work implies otherwise surely?


Okay but she has to be removed which will seem weird without the correct work