Star Wars Episode IX speculation


You just never know with people, Theo


If you can still get his autobiography read by him then it’s worth a listen


Of course but as HYG said: Hologram. Projection. Something like that.

The Cushing stuff was awful. Well, not awful but dreadfully uncanny and, as you say, overused. When I first watched Rogue One I was imploring him not to turn around as the opening shot of him reflected in the glass was excellent. But then he turned around and was in the film loads. Shame.


Mmm ‘buy a child from tatooine separating him from his mother and indoctrinate him into their cult’ is a very ‘I have an axe to grind’ way of putting it isn’t it.

The rest of stuff came across to me as mostly falling under the Mindblowingly Incompetent flag. I agree that a cult that value emotionlessness above anything else certainly go out of their way to create the most stressful situation possible for new recruits, though.


I think dying makes narrative sense.

TFA - Han dies trying to reach Ben.
TLJ - Luke “dies” “fighting” Ben.
EP IX - Leia should probably die actually saving Ben.


Leia should just be in her return of the Jedi bounty hunter garb with subtitles, no one mentions why


My first thought was that the film will revolve around the First Order building another Death Star or similar, call it the Doomstar, whatever. The resistance manage to get some plans or what not and need to take them somewhere. Leia, in the dark shadows of a bit planning meeting, says she will personally deliver them. The ship is attacked on route, but luckily she sends R2, or BB8 or some shit, away. Rey gets the droid and it plays a message of Leia, saying Rey is their last hope and this is what she has to do - then mid-message, she turns away, because Rylo has appeared and he kills her.

Doesn’t work with the synchronicity of her saving Ben though, so I’ll have to come up with something else. Think the first idea works though, keeps her appearances to a bare minimum, makes her a vital, brave focal point of the movement, gives her an ending.


Still reckon they should change the genre of each film as a rule. Would like to see a Star Wars musical that is canon and follows a story, but reintroduces an all star cast of deceased characters as actual physical beings and not ghost projections.

Jar jar binks has a 20 minute soliloquy and song/dance.


I think it’s true though, they didn’t free him for altruistic reasons (didn’t free him at all really) they freed him for his Jedi utility to them


I think Rey will find out some BIG STUFF about her past which will cause a fair bit of anguish. That’s pretty much it.


The Holiday Special is canon.

(Is it? I can’t keep up anymore)


If Liam Neeson hadn’t nabbed him Darth Continent or whoever would’ve found him eventually, his thetans were off the charts. The point was they HAD to try and train him.


If her injuries at the end of TLJ are that serious, maybe she could be brought back in a female Darth Vader suit.


On the other hand my teenage kids just thought it PC was a live actor when they saw Rogue One for the 1st time


Very well put.


Turns out that BB-8 is Sith. Carrying a nuke in his tiny round body. Blows the resistance to hell. Parades follow.



I’ve figured out who Snoke is. He’s Jordan Peterson, think about it.


He’s too on the nose for Peterson. Maybe if he spent a lot of time rabbiting about the Resistance being a chaotic, feminine force that needs to be tamed with natural heirarchy.


He’s never told Kylo to clean his room?


Snoke is more like Steve Bannon imo. If you look at photos of Bannon his face is basically decaying into looking like a heavier version of him.