Star Wars Episode IX speculation


That’s what Snoke was up to offscreen while Luke was sneaking into Kylo’s hut at nighttime. Once he got him with the moderate sounding stuff he went turbo with the fash.


he told him to take his stupid hat off tho


Anakin told Windu that Palpatine was a Sith Lord so, armed with that knowledge, he went to the office to arrest him.

When it became more and more apparent that ‘arresting him’ would actually do diddly shit, Windu was conflicted - he knew he shouldn’t kill Palpatine in cold blood but, actually, that was the only way to ensure an end to all the troubles (and to stop the Sith from rising). As he hesitates with his saber ready to swipe, Anakin jumps in and makes a poor decision.

There’s no way a trial in the senate would’ve seen Palpatine thrown in jail. As Windu says “he controls the senate and the courts. He’s too dangerous to be left alive”.

Also: Jedi aren’t soldiers, they are keepers of the peace. I wouldn’t compare them to a militia. They had to get involved in the Clone Wars because they were on the side of democracy and keeping said peace - they didn’t just go “Let’s have a ruck, lads - those Separatists look pathetic af.”

I do agree that their POV on love and attachment is a bit off though - saving Shmi would’ve gone a long way towards solidifying Anakin’s trust and inward sanity.


The footage of Leia to be used for IX is coming from unused TFA footage irrc.


Just wanted to let you all know I am watching A New Hope for the very first time. It is very good. Thanks for listening





Some BTS pictures featuring Isaac, Boyega, Suotamo and a new mystery character. also horses being decked out to look like… woolly horses?:





loads of nerds, right now



You’d think so, huh. I just ran a search on her name and the top replies are all “Yaas! YouTube suck my dick!” and “The Force is Female!”. :smiley:




i’ll take on this role. Bad decision in my opinion, not having a plan mapped out for the trilogy and leaving it to each director was a terrible decision. So far they’ve delivered:

  1. rehash of original
  2. unnecessary but enjoyable standalone
  3. film that rehashed many scenes from empire and Jedi while jettisoning the essence of Star Wars (worst of both worlds, if they had done the opposite of that it could have pleased both camps). People might disagree with my take on tlj but there is no denying it was divisive and a film that was enjoyed by all would have been better
  4. unnecessary and unenjoyable standalone


I admire your optimism here in thinking this is possible


I think people overstate the ‘fanboys can never be pleased’ argument, the force awakens was generally received well, and I think that was in spite of it being a rehash rather than because of it. The characters were there, the feel was there, if they had changed up some of the plot points and locations it would have been more satisfying, like I’ve never seen anyone praise the yet another death star choice. Marvels best films are well received amongst their audience, so I think it is possible to make big blockbuster films that are not divisive.

I don’t think it’s a case of there being too many different sets of expectations, I think new characters, plot points, locations, and set pieces but with the same feel, themes, that made people love Star Wars in the first place would please a large cross section of the audience than the ‘subverting expectations’ in otherwise scene for scene rehash they went for.

This is now the last Jedi thread


Also crowd pleasing doesn’t make for better anything.


Of course it does, the aim of a film is enjoyment, if more people enjoy it the better it is, it would be snobbish to think otherwise


final shot leakd


i’ll modify that, a film should aim to please its target audience, obviously some high brow arthouse films are never going to have mass appeal, but star wars is a family blockbuster, something like that should aim to be a crowd pleaser