Star Wars Episode IX speculation




last one


My guess is IX will be the one about the fucking hairdresser, the space hairdresser and the cowboy. The guy, he’s got a tin foil pal and a pedal bin. His father’s a robot and he’s fucking fucked his sister. Lego! They’re all made of fucking Lego.


I knew my comment left too much room for ambiguity, sorry about that.

Leaving aside the films as art argument because we’re talking big daft blockbusters here.

I’m not sure Rian Johnson set out to make a divisive film and even if he did I just can’t agree that avoiding a film being divisive means it is better. It leads to. at best, focus-grouped crowd-pleasers that are undemanding, predictable and afraid of taking risks and, at worst, lead to dangerously playing it safe in terms of representation and continuing the hegemony e.g. an openly gay character as the hero or a black James Bond would be divisive, so we better swerve it.

Ultimately if you want blockbusters that aren’t predictable and old-fashioned (and I would argue ‘better’) you have to be prepared to allow directors/writers to take risks and sometimes in taking risks to entertain, it can divide the audience - sometimes this is good, fuck 'em, they’re wrong and sometimes it is bad.


I would draw a distinction between it being divisive over representation, if part of an audience has a problem with that then they deserve to be alienated, and time will look kindly on a film that does that. being divisive over the core content is what I’m talking about. I don’t see playing it safe, or aiming for a focused group crowd pleaser as necessarily a bad thing (not that I agree that would be the inevitable result, I think there is a middle ground), especially after the disappointment and lost decades of the prequels. I don’t think being predictable is necessarily a bad thing, there is satisfaction to be had in expecting something and then seeing it play out, star wars is quite a classic timeless simple story

this is the hill I die on


Tbh if it hadn’t been for all the hoohah, I don’t think I’d have even noticed that TLJ was doing all that subversion-y stuff with the whole series. I enjoyed the film (and obviously do get some of what they’re saying), but when I read about it, people make the film seem way more interesting than it actually is


Yeah I don’t think it’s a great film, it’s alright nothing more nothing less, nor do I buy that it’s all that much of a departure, i was just challenging the notion that films that aren’t divisive are better.


Oh God is this thread still full of people who think the new Star Wars films are less than amazing, desperately trying to win indie points by expressing how little they care about this one?




for you fixed that i have


More indie points available in pretending tlj was good


I obviously give you a free pass here.


How’s Annakin?


I obviously get what you’re saying here and don’t necessarily disagree with the overall point, but on a personal level I’m pretty certain I enjoyed TLJ a lot more than I would have liked any film that appealed more to the fan base as a whole. So, selfishly, I’m glad they made the film that they did


I don’t think any star warses are very memorable. I like the grainy whip pans and swipe transitions though.


The bit where Holdo does the suicide hyperspace jump thing was pretty amazing, can we all agree on that at least?


Was a bit stoned when I first saw it in the cinema and that bit blew my mind


Ban on rehashing TLJ chat in this thread please.


Seems fair