Star Wars Episode IX speculation


Yes please.


Right, and I’m not singling you out ttf, but I’m getting a bit bored of peoples specifically saying of the new trilogy: “there’s no plan, it’s all haphazard, it’s been a car crash” etc.

Do people really believe there has been NO plan from the outset? No movie studio goes into planning something as monumental as a new SW trilogy without some foundation to the overall project.

With JJ a producer on TLJ, are we really believing he didn’t know where RJ was going to take the story? That he hadn’t read both draft versions and the final script?! He wouldn’t of agreed to do IX completely blind, that would be foolhardy on everyone’s part. He would’ve had ideas and thoughts on how to continue the plot based on where TLJ ended. I believe Trevorrow wanted to use a living Luke in IX and that’s one of the reasons he left the project - because that wasn’t gonna happen. I guarantee execs and creatives know what is happening, even if some don’t like what is being served up, and IX could end up surprising us all/making TLJ appeal better in the overall narrative.

I am glad they are going to slow turnover though - as much as I love SW, a little break now to cleanse the palate is welcome.


I thought it had been confirmed that each director had been given free reign?



I enjoy Star Wars more when I don’t read these threads.


Star Wars-MCU crossover is surely the next step?


I take that with a large grain of salt. The vibe I feel from his interview is that he was able to write story/dialogue freely without someone from Disney/Lucasfilm over his shoulder every second. To think that KK, JJ et al read in a first draft that Luke dies and they weren’t OK with that, because in the grand scheme of things that didn’t really matter, is a bit naive.

I firmly believe IX will enhance TLJ’s standing (and I really enjoyed TLJ just for the record).


What about Snoke’s fate, or Rey’s parents? In general, I agree that there must be some over-arching plan, but at the same time, the way both of those were handled in TLJ made me feel like it was off-message, or a deliberate snub - at the very least, it didn’t seem like they really fit into what I would’ve expected of a well-considered trilogy. Perhaps this is my fault and the third film will be dazzling and answer every question though.


Exactly - we still have a whole film to go and things like Snoke’s background or Rey’s history could still yet come into play. Then the bolder/crappier* plot plays in TLJ, while seemingly seen as confusing or outrageous right now, might then be seen as refreshing or bold once everything is on the table.

JJ has gone on record to say IX is going to tie into the whole Skywalker saga, so we’ll get some prequel and original trilogy vibes in it too, which I’m very much all for.


I don’t know he pretty much says the plan was episode 7: intro episode 8: training episode 9: resolution. I have no reason to disbelieve him, trickster that he is, and think it really shows in tlj


Why does anyone care about Snoke’s background? It’s one of the most baffling criticisms of TLJ, one that I can’t quite get my head around. We knew next to nothing about Palpatine in the original trilogy, and we didn’t care. Why is Snoke that much more interesting?


Because they play quite different functions, palps is barely in it, he serves as a mysterious overlord, and then when he appears proper, he is like the devil on Vader’s shoulder.

Snopes is not mysterious he has a lot of screen time and an interesting dynamic with kylo, how he corrupted kylo and how he established the first order are questions raised by tfa that Jonson gleefully discarded.


I don’t think it’s really reasonable to compare the two. Palpatine existed in a vacuum, Snoke has been introduced after decades of continuity and narrative-building. To have his existence in the overall story be basically meaningless feels like a waste of time.


Like all the characters talk about snoke personally, there was an implied direct interaction with the gang that wasn’t there with palps, with kylo’s defection being a crucial moment, it’s not weird that people were interested in what went down


Maybe it’s just me then. In his “quite a lot of screen time” (not sure I agree that it’s any greater than the amount Palps gets in ROTJ), it is fully established that he’s pulling the strings for the First Order, he’s force strong and has somehow corrupted Kylo. I just don’t think we gain anything from knowing how he got to his position of power or how that corruption happened. It just did. And now he’s dead. That fear and power he held over everyone has now been passed on to Kylo, the guy everyone thought was just a petulant and conflicted kid.

Yeah, I’m one of those that was more than happy with TLJ (horse-thing escape through the casino withstanding).


Bloody love talking Star Wars, me!


Never understood the fuss about this. Given what we know about Kylo Ren, why on earth has everyone taken what he said in a confrontation as gospel truth? He could easily have just said it to mess with Rey - she obviously doesn’t know either way.


Yep - Kylo is the big bad of this piece and methinks (after the events of TLJ) that was the plan all along …

One of the new trilogies planned could potentially be about Snoke.


Another fine point that is surprisingly not thought about by many of the ‘bashers’ - Kylo might be lying…


Exactly! It’s not exactly unknown for “bad” character to tell lies!