Star Wars Episode IX speculation


Honestly don’t think I’ll ever get over the last jedi


Might watch it again tonight, actually


You wouldn’t be the same person if you did.


Brighten up your Monday it will.

So, back on topic, if IX is to tie into the prequels and the whole episodic saga, what do we think we might see?

I’m hoping for a few Force ghosts, maybe a working battle droid (not like the one in the new book trilogy, mind) and some sort of Palpatine appearance (flashback, voiceover, whatever).


The debut of the M-Wing Fighter




Obi Wan force ghost pops up, tells Rey that Kylo is a bullshitter and her parents hold the key to everything. She hires Wedge and Lando, who have established a Galactic detective agency, to track them down. In the meantime she has a fight with Kylo and Hux hams it up TO THE MAX!




People who want Snoke’s backstory explained or thing Rey’s parents should be significant characters are bad at watching films


I would argue it is the film that is bad


from my point of view the people who didn’t like the film are evil


You don’t happen to also post as “numeric” on the Football365 boards do you?


No football is worse than tlj


porgs bring down First Order


Or is it a W-Wing Fighter?




Haha! In which case I apologise. That guy takes his hate of the new Star Wars and all things Disney to a level you could only dream of.


It’s clearly a M-Wing.


Like I don’t care who rey’s parents are, but she did have a vision where she was abandoned (sinister kylo red spaceship light) that overlapped with visions of the Jedi academy being destroyed, snoke and kylo’s references to ‘the girl’ seem knowing, and Kenobi talks to here, it does seem like she had more of an origin than is currently the case. Could be rectified in the third film, but I don’t know the bad guys in Star Wars tend to be honest, either way right now it seems like her coming from nothing was Johnson’s stated intention and it is an awkward fit to the threads that came before


Never even opened a football thread