Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker speculation


Wild when you see it written down like this. ‘Yeah we’re going to saturate the market with branded products at these times. Dunno what they’re going to be yet’


My ideal job honestly. Let me build a world with no people running around ruining it please


I’ll echo what people have said up thread. Saw Avatar when it came out but it felt so superficial that I honestly can’t remember a thing about it, apart from them being blue. Might as well have been the smurfs. Was there maybe a magic tree? And Sigourney weaver was in it.


Don’t even front like you don’t remember unobtainium


Can’t wait to see them fluff this at the end


Saw Avatar when it came out. The main thing was that the 3D was astounding because it gave DEPTH to certain scenes. Prior to that, 3D had just been spears sticking out of the screen past your ear.

The film itself was just enjoyable fluff. Avatar 2 is always going to be on a hiding to nothing because a) it’s been so long coming that people don’t remember the first one as being anything other than something a bit disappointing on the telly and b) it will be the follow up to one of the biggest box office sensations of all time. It is almost certainly going to fall far short of those numbers, even if objectively it’s actually doing alright.


Can’t help feeling though that people write Cameron off time after time (everyone laughed at the cost of T2 and titanic ) yet every time he comes out of it swimming in money.

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*submarining in money


i remember that and i remember that one of the characters has the same name as one of the monsters in monsters inc (sully)


They won’t fluff it - this’ll be three ‘two-and-a-bit’ hour films as opposed to an eight season TV show necessitating numerous writers/producers.

There shouldn’t be any danger of them not piecing together a satisfying trilogy because they shouldn’t run out of good ideas before hitting the end point.

I keep saying shouldn’t… hope they are reading this… lads… every faith…

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50/50 chance Katheleen Kennedy fires them anyway next year


To be replaced with Lord and Miller?





personally i think kylo ren is sick but idk my star wars from my space cops so

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I think Kylo was a bit rubbish in the first one, became great in the second and will be ruined by Jar Jar Abrams in the next :confused:

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Taken from


JJ Abrams can certainly compose a shot

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This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film studies class