Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers from Dec 19th)

porg n chips

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boiled milk dino en croute

Massive goosebumps everytime I see this trailer in the cinema, right when Rey leaps at the orchestration swells. Looks fucking wicked on the big screen too. Can’t wait pals.


Ditto - saw it in 3D ahead of Dark Phoenix last week and it was the best thing about my time in the cinema that evening.


I honestly think they look a bit “shit 8 year old fan boy” but apparently the old Marvel comics had such a design.

I’m sure I’ll be used to the idea by Christmas

Red is a very Christmas-sy colour. Everything’s coming up Reylo!

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Remarkable restraint by Kevin Smith (he decided not to view the set in question) - this quote has just amped up excitement levels moreso:


how did this miss out on a POTW nom? criminal


Post of the year material


the rumour is they’re going to do a time travel story to loop back to the beginning of a new hope so they can get another trilogy of trilogies out of it all, due to relatively limited types of stories you can tell in the SW universe. if that’s true people are going to be so mad, i can’t wait.


It was all a concussion-induced dream by this guy on the right:


This would absolutely wind me up something chronic.


might be why the set from the last scene is being kept under wraps, like po ends up stepping into the canteen and finds new hope era chewy and han, tells them boba fett is gonna try and kill them or something, then they will go back to new hope and digitally add po into the background


Post credits stinger has Force Ghost Your Da meeting a being who claims to be the master of the universe. It is a Force Ghost George Lucas.

“George, hmmm, done it again have you.”

Yoda hands George a big sack of cash.


I’m having difficulty seeing JJ “safe hands” Abrams suddenly adding time travel in the very last movie after he just remade The Motion Picture* for The Force Awakens. Also time travel stories are almost always wank.

*I’ve stolen this from the Star Wars Minute podcast, the two hosts refuse to use “A New Hope” and always referred to it as Star Wars, then moved onto The Motion Picture when guests were always confused by it.

he did a time travel in star trek didn’t he

Yeah, but it was a starting point to set up the film, not an ending point to wrap it up.

plus time travel’s been an established part of Star Trek since forever maaaan

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That’s true.

I think the one with the whales and First Contact handle it pretty well actually.

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