Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers from Dec 19th)

I don’t think I’ll watch it

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speculation: it’ll be shit

they’ll have an hour and a half of back story explaining who snoke was, then kylo ren will blow up a deathstar and everyone will live happily ever after

all the fanboys will hate it and all the normal people will hate it even more


he should have killed more of them fuckin YOLO

If they go for the rebels versus the empire stuff again* it’ll be shit, because they’ve done this whole trilogy without a clue as to what they should be doing and had ran any semblance of a plot into the ground by about halfway through TLJ.

They should just abandon that entirely and have a 90 minute Rey fever dream with all the hall of mirrors shit going on. No dialogue.

*obviously I’m aware that’s what will happen because it’s the point of the entire franchise


Yeah, I’ve enjoyed both films pretty much (TLJ suffers from the whole bloated blockbuster problem that’s going around), but I guess I don’t really see what the point is. At least the prequels had a story kinda worth telling. With the new ones it does feel like they didn’t really plan anything out; like loads of stuff in TLJ was really interesting like the arms trade stuff, war as an industry (which on its own could have been the basis for following on from the happy ending of the original trilogy), but then the overall storyline is still basically “everything was fine, but oh no it’s bad again because of the First Order who are either in power or for some reason are a fringe movement I’m not even sure what they are”.

Basically, there are a few paths they could have gone down and they seem to have tried to go down all of them. Down to the spin-off movies, it now reeks of them not being sure if they want to do sequels or more prequels or whatever.

They bent their Wookkies to some extent


I am looking forward to the new film :blush:


JJ back in the driving seat is the only thing that makes me nervous. TLJ said that we should be looking to have something different from a Star Wars movie. It divided the fan base but whatever, it’s a middle film and a good finish in the third will make it stronger.

Return of the Jedi did so much backtracking it’s definitely a much less impressive film that’s mostly held together by our regard for the main characters and JJ Abrams is totally a sucker for delivering safe options and going back to what worked before. If he loses it completely along there we could be looking at Star Trek Into Darkness levels of ‘homaging’ but obviously I’m hoping what Rian Johnson did is something he really loved and that it inspires him to go the other way and give us a weird and different third film.

Ideally an TLJ type move would get rid of your fear by having the First Order made utterly irrelevant in the first act and the majority of the movie being something based around the points Luke made about the Jedi.


this is good

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probably be like that i reckon, yeah

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I’ll watch it and I’ll enjoy it. I’ll then come on the internet and talk about it and I’ll enjoy that too. I’ll listen to podcasts about it and enjoy them and I’ll probably read some reviews and enjoy reading them also.


dun dun duun

I want to go and see a live performance of all the scores.

Not even on StarWarsbook, m9s

They’re screening A New Hope with live score in Manchester in December (and possibly other places), forgot exactly how much but we looked at the tickets and audibly scoffed at the massive prices.

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misread “in December” as “with Deerhunter”

that’d be crazy


Yeah I’m going to the Glasgow date of this, really looking forward to it

oh yeah lol, forgot they killed him.

:musical_note: snokes gonna make it after aaaaaaaaaallll :musical_note:


Can’t wait to see how they edit her in