Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers from Dec 19th)

well yeah, but also i didnt care who parks and recs parents were in the first place, its just a boring film with all his handwringing about his dad being a god or a planet or whatever it was. stupid, who cares


exactly the same thing as this rey nonsense innit

Yeah. I guess it didn’t really seem important to GotG what the maguffin was, the film was always just going to be the team wise cracking and Bautista deadpanning etc. I enjoyed that enough for me not to hate it.

they fucked that up an all tbf, isnt the first thing they say about his race is that theyre incredibly literal, and then he calls gamora a whore. properly shit, lazy, misogynistic writing that

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You could well be right. I’ve not watched either in years

first ones very rewatchable but the second i think i only saw in the cinema

Take it to the Marvel thread ffs


There are infinite ways it can play out but ultimately it boils down to those two options

I would be fine it that was the resolution, that Kylo was right and her parents were nobodies. But I think the secondary clues they’ve made and the timing on it mean it’s very likely that it will be undone in the next film, which I think is likely to be pretty narratively messy.

The whole thing was a big Chekov’s gun. If they chose to get postmodern and subvert our expectations, fine, but I don’t trust them to have done that.

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The only person to say Rey’s parents were ‘nobodies’ is Kylo Ren - the guy that was trying to convince her to come over to the dark side. Of course if it turns out he was just lying, that won’t upset the narrative of 8 at all. It’ll just boil that down to ‘Kylo was trying to manipulate Rey’ and that’s fine.


It’s the narrative outside of the TEXT that is ruining Star Wars.

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Rey said it first, she’s always known but locked it away, Kylo saw it in her head and forced her to confront it.

Narratively it might work, but thematically it would be a mess, real whiplash from TLJ

Interestingly I saw an interview with JJ where he said TLJ hadn’t derailed the story, but that he is glad he gets to continue the story he started with TFA, a very diplomatic way of saying TLJ did derail his story but he is glad he will salvage something imo

It’s all up in the air, we don’t know if he knew, or she knew. We do know from intertwrviews, Simon Pegg said her parents were supposed to be known people, and we know that RJ was very keen on her being nobody as the direction for his story. So whatever was meant by the Rey/Kylo nobody scene, it wasn’t consistent with TFA, and is unlikely to be run with in TROS. What a mess

Christ…imagine if Rey’s dad turns out to be Billy Corgan! Just think of the mileage @ttf will get out of that!

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I don’t follow?

Just seems like you’re going over the same ground over and over again, much like the Pumpkins thread. Doesn’t matter, was only meant to be a gentle dig. Apologies.

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People make posts that are supposed to undermine the logic of the TLJ critics position, I’m going to counter them

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It’s planet wars really isn’t it? Like none of the people are from stars and they aren’t fighting over stars or on stars. Other than lighting and their life giving properties the stars are irrelevant.

Apologies if this has already been posted.


I reckon Rey’s parents are probably “nobodies, junkers” as Kylo said, but those weren’t her biological parents and she came from somewhere or something else. No whiplash or inconsistency there.

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