Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers from Dec 19th)

And the two World Wars weren’t fought between worlds either! They should be called Country Wars. You’ve blown this whole thing wide open Bazlonz.


Changing the intended familial relations halfway through a planned trilogy would be unprecedented.



The Great War was in fact really, really shit.

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The Civil War was anything but!

Galaxy bar? It’s just a lump of fucking chocolate!

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The whiplash scenario would be if they disregard TLJ and revert to her parents being known, that would cause thematic inconsistency. Keeping her parents as nobodies would be preferable at this point. The original point of bringing this up was based around the idea it is wrong for tlj critics to have been disappointed by her origin because it is valid under Star Wars lore, but I don’t thinking breaking lore has ever been the basis of people’s dissatisfaction with this story point, rather it was because the mystery was set up as a specific plot thread

University? Your degree is worth shite in Cosmos Redshift 7 mate.

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I’ll need to watch 7 and 8 again before I go to see 9, I don’t think I’ve taken in a single word Kylo Ren has said since he was introduced.

I quite like him, just can’t remember anything he’s actually said.

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I would not be dissatisfied if it turned out Kylo was telling a half truth to mess with her.

He uses the catchphrase ‘Ren’s the name, Sith’s the game!’ frequently


As I’ve said, think that would be fine in a narrative sense, baddie was lying. But so much of tlj seemed to be about that, her trying to find her place, finding she doesn’t have one but it doesn’t matter because she has found herself, forgetting the past, and the broom boy! the meaning of all that would feel strange if it turns out she was actually more connected

The Myth of the Sith would be a good title for a Star Wars film.


I see what you’re saying but I’m ok with her story taking another turn despite that thread seemingly being closed in TLJ.

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Which one in the series? The fifth!

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Weird how he is saying they’re still figuring out the schedule yet they’ve announced dates for three films that presumably aren’t his, and they’ve said they won’t be oversaturating with films

I liked TLJ but given the Incel backlash against it, this seems pretty unlikely to happen.

They 2022/24/26 dates are all for the Benioff/Weiss films according to this

the first movie in the next Star Wars trilogy, which will be helmed by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the duo behind Game of Thrones, won’t arrive till Christmas of 2022, with further installments every other year after that.

Happy they’re sticking with Christmas for these.

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Apparently they are going to be much less involved as they’ve signed a deal with Netflix, might just make the first one and consult on the rest