Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (Spoilers from Dec 19th)

I look forward to the arguments about the merits or not of iron-clad trilogy plotting continuing to the end of next decade.

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I look forward to making those arguments.

Actually less fussed with non skywalker saga ones, there is less at stake, hope they experiment and wing it

If this is a Rugoe One joke then I’m here for it (the titular Rugoe was a spaceship with wings)

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I come from a pure place on my dislike of TLJ because honestly I don’t like any of his films that much, so this is fine for me. Definitely sounds like the beginning of some backtracking

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The backlash was much wider than the most vocal incels

It was largely the incels and their ilk that started it.

My Facebook TLJ thumbs down status was there as the credits rolled on the midnight screening.

Regressives are a vocal contingent of the TLJ backlash but it’s a film that is widely disliked by a significant proportion of the fan base, as I proved at the time the sentiment on rotten tomatoes was completely authentic based on like for like comparison to TFA after a similar time, there had been no coordinated campaign.

Also listen to most people complaints, it comes down to the portrayal of Luke, disappointing payoff to JJ’s ‘mystery box’ set up, wilfully ‘subverting expectations’ in a way that many fans feel shows no love for the originals.

Mark Hamil is a hater and he is the definition of gbol

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The majority of the SW fan base has taken to TLJ from what I’ve seen over the past two years, it is just a small minority that just keep on and on and on hammering Johnson and Kennedy to the point of boredom.

The phrase ‘widely disliked by a significant proportion of the fan base’ is so ambiguous, true hyperbole employed by those really angry people that put out 5 YouTube videos a day on the subject.

You can so tell Hamill wasn’t a fan though :smiley:


Not that weird seeing as three new films have just been announced, so releasing yet another three would no doubt make ‘scheduling’ a current topic of debate?

Nah, various Star Wars haunts I’ve seen online it is widely disliked, it under performed compared to expectations (being a huge success in absolute terms was always guaranteed), especially for home release, merch is basically being given away. Online rating sites while not representative are at least comparable with themselves, and the early negative reaction was completely authentic when compared to TFA after a similar time. Lots of people don’t like it, don’t know why people paint it as a small minority

oh sweet where?

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It is weird to basically have a filmmaker in limbo unsure whether he has time for other projects when Disney plans so far into the future. We know Disney have said they will not be releasing more than one a year, we know these other three are lined up until 2026. So a filmmaker not knowing whether they can make another film first when the next Star Wars slot, based on what Disney have said, shouldn’t be until after 2026, is a bit weird


Most damning, a film many on here said was the best Star Wars film, didn’t even make the top 100 dis films of the century poll

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This is meaningless as most people didn’t have a star war on their lists. Not many people rate any films in the franchise highly enough - or any franchise films at all.

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Love this headline

I should start a YouTube channel

Shrek is on that list. Shrek

Oof. Fair point. No idea what that’s about tbh.

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“Nah” Ok then :slight_smile:

I completely accept lots of people didn’t like it, even I don’t like everything about the film, but I don’t understand why people continuously try an paint TLJ as some kind of ‘complete failure’ based simply on it’s plot and character choices…

I agree on the merch, but I think Disney shot themselves in the foot there by pricing the regular action figures for nigh-on £15 a pop?! That was a ludicrous decision and I’d wager a bigger influence because even parents/kids who wanted them would’ve surely thought twice.